You Are Loved: A Healing for Healers | Higher Self Healing Circle

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023
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As healers, we devote ourselves to spiritual service helping others. Now the Ascended Masters and light beings in higher dimensions are giving you an energy healing. Receive a channeled energy healing designed for healers.

For 30 minutes, connect to the higher dimensions and receive a channeled energy healing. In addition to ascending into a higher vibration state of unconditional love, peace and bliss, true healing will happen.

The frequencies being channel will help to heal the common emotional energy challenges that healer have like feeling unappreciated or inadequate. Specific channeled energies will break down walls of emotional resistance to create deep healing and genuine transformation.

Now is the time to receive recognition, support and love for all that you give to help humanity.

Please use this channeled energy healing to support your spiritual journey.


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