Learn to Channel Spiritual Energy into your Body | Higher Self Master Class

Monday, April 25th, 2022
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Open your chakra system and channel higher dimensional spiritual energy into the crown chakra in this Higher Self Inner Circle master class.

The human body, mind and energy system is evolving. We are expanding ourselves into higher dimensions. Accelerate this process in a balanced way by using this Higher Self channeled guided meditation.

To be a true channel of spiritual energy we must open our entire chakra system. Channeling energy into the head alone is not sufficient. To create a fully integrated awakening experience, the energy must flow inside the entire chakra system.

To harmonize the spiritual energy, specific concepts must be understood and psychological behaviors changed. We must transcend our fears by trusting in the Divine design of our human energy system and psyche. We must learn how to express as psychologically healthy human beings. We must also learn how to open ourselves to receive from the higher spiritual dimensions.

Experience one of the 13 lessons in this Higher Self Inner Circle master class called “Receive 90 Days of Spiritual Energy Activation”. Register now.


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