Expand Out of Body to Communicate with Your Higher Self

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022
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Learn how to receive messages and have conversations with your Higher Self. For over 20 years Lincoln of Channel Higher Self has demonstrated his abilities as a channel. Now he is teaching you how to connect with your Higher Self to receive channeled messages and guidance in this 13 week masterclass program.

This video is week 10 of 13 in the Summer 2022 Inner Cycle course called “Receive Messages and Guidance from Your Higher Self”. If you enjoyed and benefited from this video, you may purchase the entire program.

The Higher Self Inner Circle is a program designed for advanced students of spirituality who desire to awaken to their fullest potential as conscious creators of love, light, peace and happiness. This program is completely designed and taught by the multi-dimensional consciousness called “The Higher Self”. There is nothing else like it available online.

Receive detailed instructions and advanced meditation practices to help you develop into your ascended state. With 13 lessons and over 40 hours of channeled teachings, this Inner Circle master class will accelerate your spiritual awakening.

Purchase this Higher Self Inner Circle Master Class by visiting this webpage.


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