Channel What Serves Your Highest Good Directly from God | Higher Self Master Class

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022
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Connect your human will to the Will of God and invite knowledge, energy and experiences that serve your highest good. Channel higher dimension spiritual frequencies above your crown chakra into your 7 chakras to activate and accelerate the ascension process in this channeled master class.

You live in a reality of pure energy and intelligence. Everything is God Consciousness. Your reality is aware of you and responding directly to your mind. Use your mind to change your reality.

Watch the 12th of 13 lessons in the Higher Self Inner Circle called “Receive 90 Days of Spiritual Energy Activation”. For 3 months you will be given teachings and guided in advanced energy practices by the Higher Self that I channel. This 90 day master class will open your crown chakra, connect you to your Higher Self and the Universal Source, and develop your ability to interact in the higher dimensions of nonphysical reality.

If you’d like to experience this Higher Self Inner Circle, visit Purchase any of the Higher Self Inner Circle Cycles.


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