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The Layers of Meditation

August 15th, 2009 | No Comments

Meditation is the most powerful spiritual technique. Nearly every religious and spiritual tradition includes meditation at the center of its practice. However little is known about the goal of meditation, the meditation process, and what happens during meditation.

In the media, meditation is taught as a relaxation technique, however for thousands of years meditation has used as the tool for knowledge in many sciences – including health, psychology, physics, biology, and spirituality. In the oldest sciences in history – Chinese Medicine / Taoism and Hinduism / Yoga – the scientists were holy men with powerful minds who meditated to find answers.

This Channel Higher Self video provides a detailed science of the layers of the self discovered during meditation. Starting with most dense layers (thought, emotion/feeling, body) and working to the more subtle (energy body, chakras, meridians, subconscious mind). Even reaching the final goal of meditation, the most subtle experience of the Self or Pure Light of Awareness or the “I AM THAT I AM” – the Source of Creation.

Self or Not Self – which is correct, Buddhism or Hinduism Yoga?

November 5th, 2008 | No Comments

There exists a great argument among many spiritual teachings and their students. It is an argument that has existed for thousands of year.

The Self or the not self. Which is the correct spiritual teaching?

Do we have a Self? Or is there no self?

Buddhists believe there is no self, calling it anatman or anatta.

Hindus believe there is a Self, calling is Atma or Atman.

Who is correct? Are the Self and not self different? Or are both spiritual teachings pointing to the same truth?