Satsang with the Self Topics | March 2, 2023

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023
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Once each week on Thursday evening USA Time, I provide a Higher Self channeling on Zoom. For one hour everyone receives Higher Self energy and information. Often guided meditations and energy activation are channeled.

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This week’s topics will be:

1) Hello Lincoln, I often meet people who do not yet follow the Higher Self teachings, but get very interested when I talk about the teachings. I think it would be very beneficial for people that show an interest, to be able to listen to – A simple meditation on the spiritual heart ‘for beginners’, with the basic concepts explained and also – a simple breathing meditation (Maybe both combined in one meditation) This will make it easier Introduce new people to the teachings.
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2) Greetings, Thank you immensely for this opportunity! Are we being tested? I have often heard Earth referred to as a “school.”
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