Receive 90 Days of Higher Self Energy Activation | Begins April 2022

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022
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Thank you everyone who participated in the current Higher Self Inner Circle cycle. I appreciate your insights, questions and shared energy that benefited the entire group. As we finish up the final week on Sunday, I invite you to continue your journey into Higher Self Consciousness with the next cycle 90 Days of Higher Self Energy Activation.

For the months of April, May and June we will receive 13 channeled energy activation meditations from the Higher Self. These energy activations will raise the vibration of your emotions and mind – increasing your happiness, peace, confidence and overall love for life.

By raising your vibration each day with the meditations you will accelerate your awakening process and bring your personal goals closer to completion.

This will be a fun and enjoyable Inner Circle. Sit back, relax and receive the Higher Self energy that is shared with you.


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