Galactic Retreat 2: Embody Your Creator Self

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022
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💫✨ Galactic Retreat: Embody Your Creator Self ✨💫
Create Quantum Shifts, Prosperity and Step into Your Highest Potentials

Begins December 12, 2022. Register now

The intention of this FREE galactic retreat is to support people to anchor in and embody our multi-dimensional source selves while navigating the dissolving of the old programs, the healing of the ancestral, karmic patterns, collapsing of the timelines, In another word, to support people through polarity, confusion, overwhelm, powerlessness, anxiety and fear.

The intention is to empower people to open up, create from the new potentials and quantum jump timelines leading up to 2023 and beyond.

The vision is to ignite awakeners, lightworkers, starseeds to step into their true power and create ripple effects of empowerment, healing, liberation and elevated Consciousness across the world!

♾ You are a co-creator of this unified field of Consciousness ♾
⚡ Receive Abundance, Joy, Love and new beautiful people into your community! ⚡

Who is this galactic retreat for:

✪ people who are ready to take their power back and take action to create the changes in their own life, mission, business/career
✪ lightworkers /spiritual entrepreneurs who are called to show up and increase their impact while creating a financially abundant & balanced life
✪ people who are ready to step up to embody their mission and to be of service for the collective and New Earth

Why this retreat:

✷ Upshift frequency and raise the consciousness
✷Awaken -deepen our connection with the Universe and the Earth Gaia Sophia
✷ A year-end Lightshow to prepare for 2023!

Amazing Speakers that are part of this impactful Galactic Retreat:

‣ Solara An Ra – Spiritual Teacher, Galactic Channel
‣ Lincoln Gergar- Channel, Higher Self Teaching
‣ Brooklin Rayne – Heart Oracle, Channel, Sophia Christos Consciousness
‣ Cathleena Hailley- Frequency Alchemist
‣ Sheila Seppi – Walk-in, Founder of The Galactic Alliance and Conscious Awakening Network
‣ Jeralyn Glass- leader in the field of Sound Healing using Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Founder of The Sacred Science of Sound, Crystal Cadence® Sound Healing Studio
‣ HaRuKo Blue Star Child- Cosmic Artist, Musician
‣ Peter Tongue- Wisdom Keeper, Gene Keys Ambassador
‣ Holly Hawkins Marwood- Channel of High Council of Orion, Akashic Record Guide
‣ Kahreela Anhara- Channel, Starlight Temple
‣ Kevin James Caroll- Heart-Song Singer-writer musician, Devotional Chanting Music
‣ Solara Rose- Channel, Spiritual Teacher, the Diamond Octave
‣ KAren Swain- Spiritual Teacher, Channel, Conscious Platform Host
‣ Bridget Renee Holliday- Ascension Guide, QHHT Hypnotherapist
‣ Magenta Pixie- Channel for the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine
‣ Gene Ang- former Yale Neurobiologist, Arcturian Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing

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