The Human Chakra System is a Holographic Map of the Universe | Higher Self Inner Circle

Monday, January 10th, 2022
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Learn the science of how creation and manifestation truly work. Your human chakra system is a holographic map of the Universe. When you change your energy body, your external reality changes. As within, so without. As above, so below.

Each chakra inside your psyche represents an aspect of the universe. Awaken higher qualities of energy within your energy body and these same qualities appear in your life situations. This is the science of how we create our own reality as eternal states of consciousness.

Essentially, we are God Consciousness creating infinite personal universes. Learn how this process is being created.

Experience advanced level teachings on the structure of humanity reality from the perspective of the Higher Self in this channeled video. The Winter 2022 Inner Circle focuses on Deep Emotional Healing in the Chakra System. With the Higher Self’s teachings and guided meditations, you will develop deeper perception into the beliefs and emotions that are creating your life experiences. You will be helped to transform the deepest beliefs that are causing your life events.

This is a powerful masterclass of channeled teachings from the higher spiritual dimensions. Discover the deepest content of your psyche and remove the beliefs that are preventing your happiness and success in life. Become a greater creator of your own reality with the help of the Higher Self.

The Higher Self Inner Circle is a 3-month course of 13 weekly lessons – all delivered in the channeled state. Each week receive 3 hours of channeled teachings and a guided meditation practice to create genuine soul evolution and spiritual awakening.

Every 3 months, a new topic is chosen. The Winter 2022 Inner Circle cycle focuses on Deep Emotional Healing in the Chakra System. Learn how the chakra system is the structure of the human psyche. Each chakra contains the human understanding and generates the human emotions. The design of the chakra system system is a holographic map of the entire universe. By understanding your energy body and creating a healthier human psyche you evolve your soul into God Realization.

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