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Monday, October 11th, 2021
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Unite the split parts of your mind into a channel of powerful creative energy. In a nearly effortless way, build your power of concentration and your power of creative intention. Empower and accelerate your spiritual awakening with this channeled teaching and guided meditation. Create mind mastery with the Higher Self in this Inner Circle lesson.

The spiritual journey toward total realization of yourself as God Consciousness begins by discovering yourself as the witnessing awareness. You realize that you are empty, formless awareness. Don’t stop here. After realizing awareness we must continue to discover all the aspects of our eternal nature. You are awareness, intelligence and creative energy.

To master the mind, we must learn how to correctly meditate. Correct meditation develops a state of relaxed, focused awareness. Too little concentration and the mind wanders in random thoughts and day dreaming. Incorrect concentration and the mind becomes aggressive and resists meditating. We must learn how to meditate by finding the balance between falling asleep and being alert with stress and agitation.

In this Higher Self Inner Circle teaching you learn about the power of intention. This is the creative power of your soul when it first begins to flow into your human reality. Before emotions and before thoughts you create with your intention. Discover your intention and learn how to effectively use it.

This is the second of 13 lessons in the Autumn 2021 Higher Self Inner Circle on the topic of Mind Mastery.

The Higher Self Inner Circle is a powerful program designed at the highest spiritual level – the level of your Higher Self – to help you remember who you are as the eternal consciousness creating your personal reality. All teachings are channeled to give you the most direct knowledge and energy from the higher dimensions of spiritual reality.

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