Satsang with the Self Topics | December 22, 2022

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022
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Once each week on Thursday evening USA Time, I provide a Higher Self channeling on Zoom. For one hour everyone receives Higher Self energy and information. Often guided meditations and energy activation are channeled.

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This week’s topics will be:

1) “Hi Lincoln. I am curious how to relate with in-laws that are covertly dismissive of one, by ignoring, making judgements, etc., whilst having severe problems with a family abusing drugs. The family tends to come around and connect with drinking wine. I hold a high value in living conscious and sober, so that I can experience live in its fullest and it seems as if my presence itself can trigger pain around others, despite the level of compassion and acceptance I connect with internally. Can you guide me to happy and peace? Thanks!
– Submitted by Shekib

2) “Hey Lincoln, I was wondering if you can explain what prayer is and the most effective form of prayer from the higher self perspective. I often hear that we are “the self” but there is also a “universal self”. So I get confused in the oneness teaching as far as prayer is concerned. Who is praying and who is receiving the prayer if we are all one? How do we pray? I think the original form a off vibrational prayer has been misunderstood or lost.
– Submitted by *name kept private*

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Use the button above to participate in this week’s Satsang with the Self live stream. Participation requires a $10.00 USD donation. All participants receive access for live attendance on Zoom, access to watch a video replay (expires in 30 days) and an audio recording afterwards to continue to benefit from the channeling (does not expire). If you are not able to attend live, you will be able to watch the video replay and listen to the audio recording.

After your register, you will receive an email with the Zoom link and passcode for this satsang. Emails are sent out 2 hours before the satsang begins. Please register early. If you register after 7:00pm Eastern Time, you will receive the email a few minutes before 9:00pm Eastern Time.

The Satsang with the Self live stream begins at 9:00pm Eastern Time / 6:00pm Pacific Time USA. Please log into the Zoom meeting room a few minutes before the start time.


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