Your Soul is the Author of Your Life – Change Your Life Story with Self Love

Friday, January 5th, 2024
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Loving ourselves is the foundation of our personality. Our self love defines how we express ourselves in all our relationships and in our careers. Receive over 50 hours of channeled teachings and guided practices that will rewrite the stories in your mind and emotions.

The new Inner Circle cycle begins in January 2024 and continues until the end of March. You will receive direct channeled messages that will teach you how heal your emotional wounds and change your psychological understanding.

The Inner Circle is a powerful course. You will receive 13 guided practices that make real all of the information that you are learning. By bringing the spiritual knowledge into your psyche, emotions and energy body, you will write a new story for your life.

To learn more and to join this course, please visit Join the Higher Self Inner Circle

May you be blessed this new year with greater experiences of inner peace, self love and spiritual freedom.


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