Transform Your Relationships with Channeled Wisdom and Energy Practices

Friday, March 8th, 2024
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April 7 launches the next Higher Self Inner Circle Masterclass. Receive Higher Self channeled wisdom and energy practices to help you transformation relationships into greater love and happiness. You are here to master yourself as a creator and the higher spiritual dimensions are here to help you.

For 3 months, journey into yourself to understand the emotional patterns driving your relationships – romantic, family, friendship and career.

Perform shadow work to discover deep childhood conditioning and past life karma that have been preventing you from a greater expression of love and happiness.

Receive channeled energy practices to cleanse, heal and awaken your chakras – the emotional energy centers that make up your psyche. Your human personality is a structure of energy and you can transform it using Higher Self channeled frequencies of emotional energy.

Channeled teachings will help you to better understand the deep beliefs you have about yourself and other people that play out as the roles that manifest in your relationship. Spiritual wisdom from the higher dimensions will guide you to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering, love-based ideas that truly support you.

If you are ready to take raise the vibration of your human relationships with channeled wisdom from the higher spiritual dimensions, join the Higher Self in this 90 day masterclass.

Visit Join the Higher Self Inner Circle to register. This masterclass being April 7, 2024.


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