Stop Your Mind to Awaken Higher Consciousness | 3 Month Course

Monday, September 11th, 2023
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Stopping the mind’s activities is the goal of authentic meditation. When you stop your mind, your brain and spine receive more electrical energy. The body becomes electric and feels blissful. Higher states of perceptions like remote viewing, astral projection, out of body experience, telepathic communication with nonphysical beings and Higher Self channeling can awaken. There are many powerful benefits that we receive when we learn to reduce our thought activity and stop our mind from thinking.

For 90 days, I will guide you in a process that teaches you how to stop your mind’s activities and expand your consciousness. You will receive more than 50 hours of instruction and guided meditation practice to help you experience extended periods of time in inner silence that is free from thought.

If this interests you, please visit Join the Higher Self Inner Circle for more information about class times, format, etc. and to register. The new course begins October 1, 2023.

To watch sample videos of my Inner Circle classes, visit Purchase any of the Higher Self Inner Circle Cycles. All past courses are available for purchase.


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