Get ready! The next Higher Self Inner Circle with 90 Days of Channeled Teachings begins in January

Saturday, December 4th, 2021
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Awaken your perception of your chakra system and transform your emotions and your human psyche in the next Higher Self Inner Circle starting in January 2022.

Your chakra system is your human psyche. Every part of our personality is stored in our chakra system. When we experience life our mind is constantly using it’s understanding (which is stored in the chakras) to interpret and respond to what we are perceiving.

Our chakra system contains our emotions, our memories, our ideas and beliefs, our desires, and our interpretations.

In this next Higher Self Inner Circle cycle you will receive 90 days of channeled teachings and guided meditations and energy practices to increase your perception of your chakra system and to transform it’s content.

You will learn methods to evolve your energy system into higher vibrations and greater states of peace, happiness and love.

You will be guided to take your consciousness into your memories and evolve them to reflect your current, more awakened understanding. You will help to free your mind from old belief patterns and old emotional reactions.

You will learn why the mind holds onto old beliefs and repeats them as emotional reactions and thoughts. You will learn how to value the mind as a tool that you can use – and not something that control you.

You will receive the Higher Self’s understanding of the human energy body and chakra system. You will learn a map of the energy body and human psyche so that you can navigate the layers of your human mind.

This Higher Self Inner Circle cycle will help you to remove your emotional patterns from past trauma so that you no longer repeat unwanted experiences.

For 13 weeks, you will be guided in meditations that create genuine change in the deepest parts of your mind and emotions. You will create powerful change in your human psyche.

Join the next Higher Self Inner Circle now. You may register using the instructions on my website at Join the Higher Self Inner Circle.


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