Frequency Mastery with the Law of Vibration: Like Attracts Like

Monday, June 5th, 2023
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Like attracts like in our human reality. The specific frequencies of emotional energy we create in our energy bodies vibrate out into the world to attract back to us matching experiences. A happy person, for example, attracts experiences that support their happiness in the world. While a fearful person attracts experiences that validate their fears.

For 13 weeks, you will be taught how the Law of Vibration works. Each week you will receive a new teaching that helps you master all aspects of this multi-dimensional creative process. Each week you will also receive a guided meditation that focuses on one specific frequency. As you create this frequency every day, you will experience the Law of Vibration at work. In very specific ways, your external world will validate that you are the creator of your reality.

I want our next Inner Circle cycle to be easy, fun and rewarding. The guided meditations will have a quality of effortless as we align to specific frequencies of emotional energy. By relaxing into our higher vibration emotions, we cause their expansion. With effortlessness, we allow the Universe to give to us in abundant ways.

Let’s have fun this summer as we evolve into our Higher Self states together! ✨💓✨

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