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Changing the Story of your Life

April 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments

From the time we are children, we are told stories of heroes, holy men, saints, god, and legends. Every culture and every religion has their own stories of remarkable men and women who teach us how to become better humans. Figures like Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammad, and others have become god-like beings who entire cultures of people worship and idolize. What is the benefit of idolizing these historic men and women? Is there harm in worshiping god-like people like this?

Love Your Neighbor as Your Self

December 31st, 2009 | 1 Comment

One of the most well known teaching of Jesus Christ and Christianity is “Love your neighbor as your self.” What does this mean? Is there a deeper spiritual meaning that Jesus was trying to communicate? Learn why this spiritual teaching one of the most powerful teachings from one of the most influential spiritual masters in recorded human history.