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Tuesday, March 29th, 2022
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Thank you for your interest in the Higher Self Inner Circle – a 3 month master class of channeled teachings and advanced energy practices.  This email will contain information about the upcoming Inner Circle cycle, what you can expect and how you can renew your membership.

New Topic for the Next Cycle

The Higher Self Inner Circle is an ongoing program of wisdom teachings and advanced energy practices. Every cycle examines a new area of our human awakening experience.  For the next 3 months our journey will continue with a new area of exploration.

Starting in April and continuing through May and June, the Higher Self will give you 90 days of channeled energy activation.

An energy activation is when we receive higher dimension energy into our human energy system.  Most often the higher energy enters us through the crown chakra – because a true energy activation comes from the higher dimensions.  Energy activation can also be received through the Spiritual Heart when the higher energy is generated at our soul level.

For the next 3 months the Higher Self and myself will teach you about the science of higher dimension energy activation while also giving you 13 channeled energy activation meditations.  Like in every Inner Circle lesson, you will be instructed to use these energy activation meditations every day.  90 Days of channeled energy activation will be fun and powerful.  You will feel more awake, more alive, more radiant and more blissful as you receive these higher energies.

Over these past 180 days, the Inner Circle lessons have taken us deep into the mind, emotions, chakras and psyche.  We completed a significant amount of inner transformation.  Now is the time to bathe in the reward of your dedication.  Do less and receive more in this next Higher Self Inner Circle cycle on channeled energy activation.

Remains the Same

  • Just like the current cycle, we will meet at the same time every Sunday, 11:00am Eastern Time USA.
  • All meetings will be recorded, posted on YouTube as private videos and emailed to you as MP3 audio files.
  • The facebook group will remain active.
  • Weekly Higher Self Sangha meetings on Zoom
  • New meditations will continue to be offered each week.  Every cycle and every week will be unique with minimal overlap in meditations.  All of this will be done without lessening the overall effectiveness and without escaping the central aim of the Higher Self path of awakening.
  • New theme for each cycle.  There are many aspects to our human reality.  Each Inner Circle cycle will embrace one or more themes. The purpose of the Inner Circle is to create a guided exploration into the most important aspects of the human experience. We awaken the most important areas of ourselves with the Higher Self assistance.  We experience accelerated personal growth and lasting developmental change.  As we evolve all the parts of our human reality, we naturally and easily gain entry into the higher dimensions of Higher Self Consciousness.

Join the Higher Self Inner Circle

I would love to have you join the Inner Circle for 3 months of Higher Self awakening.  If you would like to participate in this master class please choose your payment method below.

1. Pay the total amount of $333.33 before Saturday, April 2, 2021.
2. Pay $111.11 at the beginning of each month. Please make your first payment by Saturday April 2, 2022.

You may pay via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Amazon Gift Card, Western Union or mailed check / money order.


To send payment using PayPal, please follow these instructions.  By choosing “Sending to a Friend” I can avoid the expense of PayPal fees and can keep the memberships costs low.

Sign into your PayPal account at
Select “Send & Request” from the top blue menu bar
Enter the email lincoln [at]
Enter your amount in US Dollars.
Select the “Continue” button.
On the next page, select “Sending to a Friend”
In the “Add a Note” box, enter your first and last name and “Inner Circle”
Select “Continue” and you’re done.


If you prefer to use Venmo, send payment using this link


You may send payment directly from your US bank account using Zelle.  Please send payment to lincoln [at]

Apple Pay

If you prefer to pay using Apple Pay, please reply to this email to request my Apple Pay contact information.  Currently Apple Pay is for US residents only.

Amazon Gift Card 

If you prefer to make payments in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, use this link and send the gift card to  I recommend that you copy and paste the email address to use the correct spelling.

Western Union

If you prefer to pay using Western Union, please reply to this email to request my contact information.

Personal Check or Money Order 

If you prefer to mail a personal check or money order, please request my mailing address by reply to this email. Check or Money Order is for US residents only.

Looking Forward

Thank you for being a student of the Higher Self Teachings.  I hope that you are receiving all that you desire from everything that the Higher Self shares through me.  I hope that what you received from me has exceeded your expectations.  It has always been my goal as a channel to offer to you the very best that I can express into your realities.  I sincerely hope that I have been able to add more knowledge, peace, happiness, ease, success and love into your lives.

I look forward to continuing our relationship together as I channel for you every week in the Higher Self Inner Circle.  Have a blessed day.


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