FREE EVENT – Galactic Retreat III starts on Wednesday March 20

Monday, March 18th, 2024
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We each are a unique fractal of the Source Energy here to play a part in this Ascension/ Incension Journey. How we are interconnected is beyond our human mind´s understanding. As we each do our part, healing ourselves, remembering who we are and why we are here, we are impacting the collective. The New Earth requires us to share our unique frequency and creations that only we can bring through following our own unique soul blueprint.

If it is in your heart to fulfill your higher potentials, open your gifts, be your Authentic Self so that you can be of Service and create a life you truly desire. I got a gift for you!

​Join me and my star friend, Rayania Chaenn, in the upcoming Galactic Retreat III, Embody Your Unique Soul Expression. In this potent field with 16 beautiful heart-centered way showers, you will learn how to harness your energy as the conscious creator that you are to navigate through the changes. You will learn how you can tap into your unique Soul Frequency, get clear of what it is you are inspired to create that not only fulfills yourself but enrich the tapestry of the collective consciousness. This is your time to share your gifts and shine your light.

The online Galactic Retreat is a free event. It starts on the 20th of March with a live session + Q&A. Each day you will have 2 conversations, live or pre-recorded, with powerful activation. Come connect with kindred spirits!

You will receive speaker schedule, zoom links after you sign up here,

​My Live Session /Conversation will go online on Wednesday, March 20th. I look forward to seeing you there!

​Here is to you Embodying Your Unique Soul Expression!


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