Channeled Master Class to Create Loving Relationships

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024
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Relationships don’t have to be as challenging as they are. Have your Higher Self help you to create healthier, happier, more loving relationships in your life. All human relationships require the same things to be happy, healthy and successful.

For 3 months, you will receive weekly lessons and guided meditation practices to accelerate your spiritual growth in the area of human relationships. We will explore romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships and business relationships.

Areas like communication, emotional intimacy, cooperation, problem solving, romance, and more will be explored.

If you are ready to take raise the vibration of your human relationships with channeled wisdom from the higher spiritual dimensions, join the Higher Self in this 90 day masterclass.

Visit Join the Higher Self Inner Circle to register. This masterclass being April 7, 2024


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