Channel Guidance from your Higher Self in the next Inner Circle | Summer 2022

Friday, June 17th, 2022
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The Higher Self Inner Circle is an ongoing program of wisdom teachings and advanced energy practices. For the next 3 months our journey will continue with a new area of exploration.

Starting in July and continuing through August and September, you will receive teachings and guided meditations to help you channel messages and guidance from your Higher Self. Develop your mind’s connection to your Higher Self and experience internal dialogue with your Higher Self. We will examine all of the areas of Higher Self communication including:

  • how to identify and interpret intuitive feelings
  • how intuition is different than emotion and the “gut feeling”
  • where the Higher Self communication appears in the energy system
  • how to increase our ability to receive communication
  • learning how to quiet our own mind’s internal talk to be able to listen to the Higher Self’s voice
  • how to differentiate the Higher Self’s voice from our own ego’s voice
  • how to know if we are communicating with our Higher Self or an external being/spirit
  • and more.

For 13 weeks we will be performing many guided practices that help us to develop our skill of Higher Self communication. This program is designed to improve intuition and to create the ability to communicate with your Higher Self. If gaining the ability to communicate with your Higher Self is something you desire, this Inner Circle cycle is the one you want.

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