13 Weeks to Identify and Transform Your Psychological Resistance to Success

Monday, March 27th, 2023
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Emotional and belief-based resistance to yourself as a creator in your reality is the #1 reason why you do not succeed in personal development and manifestation. Spend 90 days with the Higher Self to identify and transform your psychological patterns of resistance in the next Higher Self Inner Circle.

Join the new cycle of channeled teachings and guided practices at Join the Higher Self Inner Circle

  • Receive 3 hours of channeled guidance every week.
  • Received a 30-60 minutes guided practice for daily use EVERY WEEK. You get 13 channeled meditations over the 13 weeks of teachings.
  • Ask questions live on Zoom and receive channeled answers to support you personally.
  • Everything is recorded and you keep the recordings to support your progress

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