You are God – Interview with Kat Lewis Ph.D. and Lincoln Gergar, Channel Higher Self

Thursday, May 18th, 2023
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The Science of Spirit – What is God? Everything. Everything in Creation, which means us. Knowledge, an understanding and experience of the true nature of reality can indeed set you free. It liberates you from self-imposed limitations. Our reality and our experience is truly only limited by what we believe to be true. The journey of awakening begins with awareness of new possibilities. One of the biggest transformational ideas is that we are actually God. In the beginning this can be a hard concept for our human minds to accept. But over time, as one investigates their own experience it can be known and experienced.

Here Kat Lewis, Ph.D. and Lincoln discuss the White Light state, an experience we all can achieve. This state of being, where your entire experience is just one homogenous, unbroken white light and you know you are the white light. There is only One thing and you are it. It is an undifferentiated state, there is no reflection, which means no sense of self and other, and without a reflection there is no experience and therefore no time. If you are whole and unbroken there is nothing to reflect back to you, there is no sense of self and other. It is the pure state of existence itself. When you understand what this state is and that you originate from this state, then you can begin to understand how you are God. Each of us are different reflections of this One God, experiencing itself as a part of ALL THAT IS, Creation.

This is a short clip from a 3-hour interview by Kat Lewis, Ph.D. with Lincoln Gergar, an internationally recognized channel who has been helping people awaken to their true selves since the age of 18. Through personal sessions, in-person events, and over 2,000 free videos on YouTube with over 5 million views, Lincoln has shared his teachings with audiences all over the world.

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