Stop the Mind to Live with Inner Silence While Participating in the World | Meditation Masterclass

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024
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Learn a special open eye meditation practice that will stop your mind’s activities while living in the world – while walking, talking with people, and performing actions.  You can live your life with a silent mind.  This Higher Self Inner Circle lesson will teach you how to silence your mind’s thoughts and emotions.

Receive a meditation from the Higher Self that will connect your consciousness into your physical body, brain and nervous system. With more connection, the conscious mind replaces the subconscious mind’s expression.  Random thoughts and emotions stop. The nervous system relaxes.  The brain becomes focused in the present moment.

This is the final lesson in the Autumn 2023 Inner Circle named, “Stop The Mind and Experience Fully the Present Moment”.  This course is available for purchase by visiting Purchase any of the Higher Self Inner Circle Cycles

Every Higher Self Inner Circle has over 50 hours of channeled teachings and at least 13 guided meditations and advanced energy practices to help you master many areas of your human experience. I have been creating these channeled master class courses since 2020 and have channeled on many topics to help you spiritually awaken.


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