If You Knew REALITY was a DREAM – Would you create differently?

Sunday, May 21st, 2023
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Just as our dream-self and the objects in our dreams arise in our consciousness when we sleep, they seem “real”, but they are an illusion. We believe we are the dream-self until we wake up and realize we are the ones dreaming the dream.

So too is the physical world.

The 2022 Nobel prize in physics went to 3 scientists on Entanglement. Entanglement is saying that the physical world is an illusion. Space is an illusion. The is no objective reality apart from our experience of it.

Physicist now understand that the material universe is made out of the fabric of the universe, consciousness, “mind stuff”. What is known as the vacuum in physics is what is creating the material world. Just as the empty space of your dream is what the forms of your dream are made of. Close your eyes and go through this process. The forms of a dream are made from our consciousness.

Scientist, such as Nassim Haramein at the Resonance Science Foundation, are now able to explain how the empty space forms of the physical world. Tiny oscillation in space create the pixels of the universe. What is known as the vacuum, consciousness, the ground of all being is not empty, it is filled with energy and energy and information are one and the same. It is the mind of God.

When we truly integrate what this means it will change humanity in profound ways. It means we are all One thing. Just like a dream, there are many forms in your dream, one thing, you, appearing as many. This is what is known in ancient Indian spirituality as Maya. An Illusion. It means that everything you see in your field of perception is you and would you lie, cheat or steal from me if I’m you?

This knowledge will change how we behave towards each other. No longer will we be afraid of each other, no longer will we war with each other. No longer will we judge one another. It will change how we feel about ourselves. We will evolve from feeling separate from one another to feeling connected to one another. Think of all the things that would change about yourself if you knew you were inside a dream, a virtual reality, that you had the ability to create what you want and the only thing to fear is fear itself.

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