How to Know The Unknowable – What’s Beyond Existence?

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023
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Here internationally recognized channel Lincoln Gergar and Kat Lewis, Ph.D. discuss the first dimension of ourselves, the White Light state. According to the Bible in the beginning God said “Let there Be Light”, the white light is the One, the All that Is. We all originate from this light. This is an experience we all can achieve and the beauty of this experience is it helps you to understand that everything is One and everything in your field of perception is you.

The White Light state of consciousness is where your entire experience is just one homogenous, unbroken white light and you know you are the white light. There is only One thing and you are it. It is an undifferentiated state, there is no reflection, which means no sense of self and other, no sense of you being you, the way you normally refer to yourself as “I”. As soon as you have the awareness of “I”, you pop out of that state. Without that reflection, of I and other, there is no experience and therefore no time.

The state beyond this state is considered to be unknowable. So the only way to know God is to know God’s creations, the physical world and your experience of it in the present moment. As you become more and more aware of the present moment, bringing your attention forward and the more you know that you are communion with the field around you, which is actually your higher mind (remember just a like a dream, the dream is happening in your mind, and your dream self is not aware that it is in a dream created by your mind), you begin to realize you are a creator, the creator of your own reality. Further on in the interview, Lincoln discusses how the realization “I am a Creator” is one of the most transformative shifts in understanding for someone on the spiritual path.

When you become present, bringing your attention forward more into the present moment, knowing you are a creator, knowing you can direct your mind and emotions, then the memory based conditioning (i.e., ego structure) is no longer in charge. The limitations imposed by it dissolve because your presences doesn’t allow them to exist. Lincoln often refers to this as the autopilot. The human psyche which is determined by our conditioning, our past human experience and the ideas that our parents and society instilled in us, and we agreed with, voice you hear narrating your life, the autopilot. It draws you into the past or into the future, no longer are you present and aware of the now. But when you become present, truly aware of ourselves in the present moment, when the pilot is flying the plane the autopilot shuts off.

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