Higher Self Master Class | Channel the Frequency of Clarity to Awaken the 3rd Eye and Remove Blocks

Monday, May 9th, 2022
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Receive a channeled teaching and guided meditation on the frequency of clarity to open the 3rd eye (ajna chakra), remove confusion from the psyche, remove disassociation patterns, and open the 7 chakras. Channel higher dimension energy through the crown chakra to awaken the ascension process.

This Higher Self Inner Circle lesson is part of the master class “Receive 90 Days of Spiritual Energy Activation.” All 13 lessons share channeled teachings to help you understand to process of channeling higher dimension energies through the crown chakra to transform and awaken all 7 major chakras in the human energy system. Each week has a guided meditation that applies the teachings in a hands-on genuine way.

Increase your awareness so you can feel the spiritual frequencies moving inside of your body, emotions and mind.

Learn how to differentiate the different frequencies so you can understand energy alchemy and when to use each frequency for the greatest benefit.

Receive the energetic support of the Higher Self in each channeled class to accelerate and make easier the process of personal transformation.

Experience one of the 13 lessons in this Higher Self Inner Circle master class called “Receive 90 Days of Spiritual Energy Activation”. Register now on this webpage.


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