Divine Alignment Podcast #112 Lincoln Gergar: How to Live in Divine Alignment

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023
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Share in an enlightening conversation with Daniela Arango, creator of Divine Alignment Podcast, and Lincoln Gergar as they discuss how to live in divine alignment.

Listen now at Apple Podcasts: Divine Alignment Podcast – Ep. 112 Lincoln Gergar: How to Live in Divine Alignment

Welcome back to Divine Alignment Podcast! In this week’s episode, Daniela is joined by channel and healer Lincoln Gergar who shares the story of his awakening at 18 years of age. Together, they engage in a fascinating conversation on what it means to live in alignment and what incredible breakthroughs can happen when we allow ourselves to be in total silence and stillness. They exchange views and opinions about how every situation in life has infinite potential of interpretation and that you can be aware of multiple interpretations at the same time. Finally, Daniela and Lincoln discuss the importance of our inner authority being in agreement with our outer words, thoughts, and behaviors, and how to master the art of being your unique self while co-existing with others who are being their own unique selves.

In this episode, Daniela and Lincoln talk about:

  • The importance of knowing yourself deeply in order to find your inner alignment.
  • What happens when you connect to complete silence and why there is resistance to stillness.
  • Every situation has an infinite potential of interpretation and how to be aware of more than one at the same time.
  • The steady place within.

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