Access Your Divine-Self Through Your Spiritual Heart – Kat Lewis PhD and Lincoln Gergar

Saturday, May 20th, 2023
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Join Kat Lewis Ph.D. for an extraordinary interview with Lincoln Gergar, an internationally recognized channel who has been helping people awaken to their true selves since the age of 18. Throughout our conversation, we explore an array of topics, delving into my Kundalini Rising experience, his practice of starting every video with the phrase “You are God,” our shared experiences of the White Light State, and Lincoln’s discovery of the Spiritual Heart. We also contemplate how one’s self-definition shapes their perception of the world. Moreover, we discuss intriguing subjects such as placing trust in one’s connection with the Universe, the illusory nature of the physical world, and how facing death can serve as a valuable teacher. Additionally, we share a beautiful dialogue on the essence of Unity Consciousness.

If you’re interested in accelerating your ascension into Higher Self consciousness, you can connect with Lincoln for channeled energy activations and guidance on awakening your inner teacher – the Higher Self – and exploring the layers of your multidimensional energy system. Each Higher Self channeling will help you reconnect with your authentic self and bask in the peaceful radiance of the Higher Self. Experience the blissful love of your Spiritual Heart with Lincoln, a channel for Higher Self consciousness.

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