Why does the Higher Self teach meditation on emptiness and the Spiritual Heart?

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023
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Question: Hey Lincoln 🙂 May i ask a question please. Very often the way (doorway) to enlightenment is taught as relaxing into the awareness. As i understand it from your teachings there is another doorway to the same plane of existence through the spiritual heart. So why do you recommend in your teaching to relax into both of those doors? Isn’t it better to have single pointed focus on one doorway to penetrate into the god state? Thanks 🙏🙂

My answer: That is a great question. The nature of our existence is the interaction of form (energy, thought, emotion, matter, etc) and formless (emptiness, space, silence, stillness, etc). By focusing on both at the same time, we awaken the fullest experience of our true selves.

Spiritual traditions from the East usually emphasize the formless quality. Traditions from the West usually emphasize the forms – like manifestation teachings. Some traditions also equally emphasize both. My experience has shown me that both form and formless are important and must be experienced at deeper levels.

Sometime profound happens when we hold our attention on form and formless at the same time. The form is amplified and the formless expands. Form and formless are the original qualities of the universe – when the one divided into two. When we hold both in our awareness then the two reunite into the one.

My experience has shown me that focusing only on one quality (either form or formless) provides and incomplete experience of awakening. We can see evidence for this by noticing how meditators often drop out of life and float in silence when focusing solely on formless emptiness (silence, stillness, space). And manifestors become obsessed with form (energy, thought, emotion, matter). Both are experiencing an out of balance state because they are emphasizing 1/2 and avoiding the other 1/2.

I have done a lot of investigation into reality by observing what is happening in my own reality and also watching how others are experiencing their realities. We are all God creating our realities by choosing what to focus our consciousness upon. We are given infinite possibilities and learn from our creations. We all offer each other examples of how to shape this universe. Learning from each other accelerates our awakening.


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