Q&A: Why does our higher self allow sexual abuse?

Monday, April 10th, 2023
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QUESTION: Why does our higher self allow sexual abuse? I can’t seem to get past why our higher self would allow us to get hurt like this and what purpose or value this provides.

MY ANSWER: Experiencing any kind of abuse, especially sexual abuse, is one of the most difficult and confusing experiences appearing in our human reality. To answer your question, it would be necessary to look at a specific person’s experience because abuse enters into our life for different reasons.

For some, abuse is teaching self-respect and self-love. For others, it is learning to follow one’s intuition or inner knowing. Sometimes, its being strong enough to say no or not answer a phone call or to walk away. Sometimes, it’s trusting that I am worthy of a better relationship or better treatment in a relationship, and exiting the unhealthy relationship. It can also be caring about the quality of one’s life by learning to be more conscious and pay more attention to one’s reality.

Some people are cruel and abusive to themselves in their thoughts and therefore attract similar abusive qualities in their relationships. Some people misuse sexual energy to get attention because they feel insecure or unworthy. There can be different reasons for different people.

The common theme in all of these is the opportunity to learn from our experiences and create more self-love and awakening as the conscious creator of our experiences.

There are always signs that a physical experience is building in the minds of a person before it appears as a physical event. If we become more watchful of the world and also of our inner knowing, we will recognize potentially harmful experiences as they are building. Then we will be able to make a conscious choice to exit that experience before it fully develops. Some people choose abusive relationships by not recognizing or ignoring their intuition and not recognizing or ignoring the warning signs.

I hope this helps. It’s a complex question.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE1eDQRryuc


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