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YouTube welcomes back Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self from his 6 week European tour. More Satsang videos, channeled teachings, guided meditations, and spiritual counseling session continue.

Satsang Videos

The Satsang with the Self video series continues after a 6 week break. Now back in America, Lincoln will share weekly Higher Self channeled video teachings and guided meditations to help you reach spiritual enlightenment.

Personal Higher Self Sessions

Take part in personal 1-on-1 Higher Self channeling, as Lincoln communicates to you from your Higher Self – giving you the guidance, information, energy and support that you need to excel on your spiritual path and in every area of your life. Ask any question you wish and receive clear and direct answers from your Higher Self. Unlike the channeling of external spirits, these Higher Self sessions work directly with your Higher Self Consciousness – giving you personal guidance from the highest level.

CDs & MP3s

7 unique Higher Self channeled guided meditation CDs and MP3 files are available at . These channeled meditations are engineered from Higher Consciousness as practical tools that you can use repeated to continually take you to deeper levels of awakening, purification and healing within yourself. Designed at the highest level, where channeled energy, information, and music combine to take you to altered states of consciousness to transform yourself at deep levels. These are unlike anything else available eleswhere.


For the next months, Lincoln will be working on completing his next series of Higher Self teachings in book format. Look for future announcements sharing the release date.

Thank you

Thank you for all the support that you have offered me over these last 7 years. I will continue to serve you as we work together to awaken ourselves at the deepest levels and transform this world into a home of blissful Love and profound peace. Blessings and Love.

Channel Higher Self by Lincoln Gergar

The Higher Self Teachings are presented by Lincoln Gergar, the channel for Higher Self. Since 2007 Lincoln has shared nearly 2,000 free spiritual teachings to help human beings evolve on their spiritual paths. The Higher Self Teachings provide a direct spiritual path that will connect you to your Higher Self, increase your experience of Divine Love, eternal peace and creative power. The Higher Self is our Inner Guru, our connection to God Within.

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