Why do I say “Dear Ones”?

Over the years, many people have asked me why I continuously say “Dear Ones” in my videos? Some people greatly enjoy this phrase and the sincere love it creates. Others feel upset, agitated or angered by these two words. Why does “Dear Ones” create such a strong reaction? And why do I continue to use it in all of my videos?

When I first began creating these Higher Self Teachings videos, I noticed that a word or phrase was needed to address the viewer/audience. Beyond my own choice, the Higher Self chose “Dear Ones” – a term that I never heard before or thought up. After repeated videos, I saw that the Higher Self was going to use this term without fail. It became an important theme as part of the Higher Self Teachings.

The term “Dear” is a greeting given between two friends. It signifies respect and love.

“Ones” is an affirmation of the oneness of all life, as well as a pronoun representing an object.

Together “Dear Ones” is complete statement addressing the audience with respect and Love, while honoring the interconnection that we all share. Dear Ones unites the audience with the Higher Self Consciousness and myself.

When I spoke the term “Dear Ones”, I noticed a profound and immediate shift happen within me – particularly in my energy system and personal consciousness. Immediately my center of consciousness/attention descended from my head region (conscious mind center in the causal body layer) to the Spiritual Heart region (the deepest energy center in the causal body layer and doorway to the Higher Self / God Within). Each channeled message opened with the words “Dear Ones” and the shift was created instantly.

The energy coupled with “Dear Ones” helps to center the audience’s mind into their Hearts. This establishes the Higher Self connection instantly. Also, the messages´╗┐ in my videos are more receptive when the personal mind is quieted and the Heart is opened. The face area is related to the conscious waking mind (alpha and beta brainwave states) in the causal body; the heart area is related to the deep unconscious mind (delta brainwave states) in the causal body. When the audience is centered in their hearts, the Higher Self message is more easily understood.

In the Spiritual Heart is where we all connect with our Higher Self Consciousness within. Dear Ones carries the energy to take us there.


  1. Justin Gaylor says:

    Thanks for this explanation. I’ve always enjoyed the term “Dear Ones” in your videos, but did wonder where it came from. It is an appropriate term for others without losing the sense of oneness with them. Perhaps it someday could become a viable alternative to the world ‘you’. ­čÖé

  2. John Bellamy says:

    Thanks and much Love

  3. Lakhwinder Singh says:

    My Dear, I found you after trying 10000 persons due to activation of 7th chakra but when i tried your method of thinking of heart then send it to crown chakra it works wonderful, excellent. Thank you…………..

  4. Lakhwinder Singh says:

    My Dear, i will be in constant contact with with you ……….. through daily bases in Youtube………..

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