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Channel Higher Self is an internet video project created by myself, Lincoln – a channel for Higher Self.  I first began creating Higher Self channeling videos in December 2007 after being guided by friends and family to share my gifts with humanity.  Within a few months, I had received multiple requests from spiritual seekers around the world to make available more spiritual teachings.  So began Channel Higher Self.

The goal of Channel Higher Self is to share genuine spiritual teachings directly from the Higher Self Consciousness.  While most spiritual teachers teach about spirituality through the mind by sharing memorized concepts, I teach spiritually directly by existing in the spiritual state during the teachings.  While channeling the Higher Self Consciousness, I am fully present and wide awake with a completely silent mind.  I am having no thoughts in my mind during this process – as is evident by the stillness of my eyes and fluidity of my speech.  Also, my awareness of the density of my physical body reduces and can even vanish as I experience myself as Pure Consciousness within the manifest world.

Watch this 2 hour Buddha at the Gas Pump video interview to learn more about my own personal self and spiritual awakening. Lincoln Gergar – Buddha at the Gas Pump

You can learn more about the Higher Self Consciousness by visiting this webpage.  Information includes:

  • What is the Higher Self?
  • What is channeling?
  • How is Channeling Higher Self different?
  • What is a channeling session like?
  • How do I channel?
  • What types of information can be channeled?

Channel Higher Self video series

99 Days 99 Channels

The first Channel Higher Self video series was launched on August 11, 2008 on YouTube and contains 99 channeled messaged from the Higher Self Consciousness. All videos are recorded live with no video editing – keeping the authenticity and honesty of the Higher Self spiritual messages.

The Higher Self Consciousness is a field of universal intelligence that is accessible by any one after sufficient spiritual development is achieved. Through a dedicated practice of meditation on the Spiritual Heart (as taught by the Higher Self) and a sincere intent to quiet, silence and purify the ego mind anyone can establish the Higher Self connection within themselves.

The channeling videos in 99 Days 99 Channels offer a look into the process of channeling the Higher Self Consciousness and show the spiritual development happening within myself throughout these 99 days of daily Higher Self channeling. As I channel the Higher Self Consciousness every day, occurring within me is a great spiritual transformation as I align myself more fully with the energy and intelligence of the Higher Self Consciousness. Notice how the channel’s own energy changes during this 99 days process. Notice the change in the channel’s voice, the increased clarity of the messages, and more peaceful body language. None of these changes were intended when I began this 99 day Higher Self initiation.

These 99 videos are a look into the process of personal transformation when a person dedicates himself or herself to a daily practice of connecting with the Higher Self Consciousness within the Spiritual Heart.

All 99 Days 99 Channels videos are available as mp3 audio files. Please visit the Channel Higher Self Shop to download these audio files.

Satsang with the Self

Satsang with the Self is a modern day re-creation of the traditional satsang teaching enivronment using 21st century technology. Take part in a digital internet ashram, live fully interactive video streamed to you over the internet every weekend. Active participation is encouraged. These Higher Self channelling sessions are for you.

What is the Self?

The Self is a spiritual word for our true nature – who we are beyond the ego, body, emotions, and mind. The Self is a direct experience of our truth, the I AM.

What is a Satsang?

Satsang means in the company of truth. When all of life is realized as the direct experience of One Self, every moment is a satsang and a true miracle.

Live Stream Video Sessions every Saturday

Channel Higher Self is modernizing the ancient spiritual satsang experience. No longer do you need to trek across the Himalayas to take part in a live spiritual satsang. With modern digital internet technology, the satsang experience is brought to you, any where in the world!

Every Saturday (or Sunday in New Zealand), Channel Higher Self hosts a live Satsang with the Self video channelling session. If you have a webcam, a microphone or only speakers or headphones, then you can participate in this live spiritual satsang.  All Satsang with the Self videos are uploaded to YouTube and made public after each live session.

Watch this video introduction to learn more about Satsang with the Self

Personal Higher Self Sessions

To learn more about the Higher Self Consciousness and the process of channeling the Higher Self, please explore this website.  I have spent countless hours developing this website (and others) to help you in your spiritual journey.  I am also available for personal sessions where I will channel the Higher Self Consciousness for you. Please contact me by using the Contact button at the top of the webpage.

Support Channel Higher Self with a donation

All Channel Higher Self videos are provided to the public free of charge. It is this channel’s sincere desire to assist humanity in the process of spiritual awakening and personal transformation. To support this channel and allow me to continue offering free videos to the public, please donate using the PayPal Donation buttons on my donation page.  The sponsoring websites and advertising throughout this webiste also help to support Channel Higher Self. Please visit these links. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact me.

It is my great joy to serve all of you through my videos and Higher Self messages. I wish all of you the greatest Love and desire that you can find this same Love within your self.

Many blessings and much Love,

~ Lincoln, the Channel for Higher Self

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