Spiritual Use of Marjiuana: A Higher Perspective

I have often been asked about the use of marijuana. What are it’s effects on the health of our minds, bodies, and emotions? How does it change our astral energy system, chakras, and aura? Is marijuana use good or bad? In this written article, I will share my knowledge of the marijuana plant.


Dear Lincoln,

I have heard and read many different opinions on this from all sorts of “credible” spiritual teachers and sources, however, your words are the words I have come to trust the most and feel most genuine in my heart. So I ask, what does the Higher Self have to say about marijuana? Some say using it will permanently damage your astral body and aura. I use it from time to time especially after meditation as I feel it helps me to better sense and work with my subtle energies. What is your take on this? Thank you.


To clarify, this will be Lincoln’s answer and not a channeled Higher Self message.  Here is the Higher Self video most closely related to the topic (at this time) https://channelhigherself.com/videos/99-days-99-channels/spiritual-enlightenment-using-plants-chemicals-alcohol-and-drugs/

I have channeled for people in the past – during personal sessions – about marijuana use. The answers from the Higher Self varied person to person – based on who the person was and why the plant was being used.  My written article below summaries some main points.

This question is not answered the same way by me for every person. Some people are best served by not using the plant and others can use it more maturely.  Of course all laws should be honored when considering the use of an illegal substance, regardless of moral or ethical considerations.  In this message, I will not tell you who should or should not use marijuana. Instead I will share some of my knowledge about the nature of this plant medicine and plant spirit. It is up to all people to decide how they wish to experience their realities.

To begin, marijuana increases a person’s awareness of the astral dimension and astral layer of the energy body. For someone with a healthy astral energy body and spiritual maturity there is less psychological and energetic risk. Using marijuana does deplete the body of qi (specifically kidney qi) in order to create it’s heightened state of awareness. So with every use there is an energetic exchange and prolonged use will create inherent weakness. This is why a person feels tired, drained and has mental fog after use. Repeated use causes “burn out” and reduced cognitive performance.

When we are in a heightened state of astral dimension awareness, our choices then determine the benefit or harm that we experience.

Most people do not interact with this plant for spiritual reasons, self-exploration, etc. It is a recreational drug for entertainment. Or is used as an addictive substance to suppress unwanted emotions. For these people the higher purpose of the plant is not being understood or honored.  These people would be best served by performing psychological self-exploration and/or psychological counseling to understand and heal their unresolved psychological problems.

The other, less known aspect of marijuana use is the actual spirit that is the marijuana plant. By ingesting the plant, we are merging our consciousness with the spirit of the plant. This again, can be used for beneficial things or it can be used self-destructively. The spirit of marijuana can be interacted with as a teacher – to gain more knowledge about her plane of reality. Also the spirit can over take aspects of our own energy system and personality and use it according to her own desires. So we are handing over a part of our free will to the plant spirit while our consciousnesses are merged. This can have benefit or harm depending on how the plant spirit chooses to interact with us and through us.

In a similar note, with increased astral awareness we may experience interaction with astral dimension beings (spirits). The health of the person’s astral body determines which “sub-dimension” and astral beings one interacts with. Some lower dimension astral beings can cause us harm, confusion, psychic toxicity, emotional toxicity, trauma, etc. Some higher dimension astral beings can support our own psychological and emotional health.  A person with a higher vibration (healthier) astral energy system will be less likely to interact with lower vibration astral beings.

Also, the activities of the person’s subconscious mind will create stronger mental, emotional and sensory projections onto the present moment reality during marijuana use. The imagination (both consciously controlled and subconsciously uncontrolled) will become more active. Inner creative inspiration and enthusiasm, passion and joy can emerge. Or deep sadness and emotional pain can emerge. Whatever is within one’s psyche at deeper levels will become more active. The astral body is closely linked to the subconscious dreaming mind (imagination, etc). So use of this plant increases both. Some times what we experience as the non-physical aspects of our plant “trip” are genuine astral plane experiences (objective reality) and other times they are self-created projections. The difference can be difficult to determine by anyone except a person highly adept in this dimension and psychological layer.

Finally, in the end the human being is created perfect. Our awareness is already extending into every dimension of creation. We, as human begins, simply lack awareness of all that we are. Most people are aware only of the physical dimension and have little awareness of the emotional (astral) and mental (causal) dimensions. A plant medicine like marijuana may help to temporarily expand our awareness into another dimension, however it will not permanently give us this awareness. We must learn to achieve these heightened states on our own.

Along the spiritual path, eventually all external aids – like marijuana – must be given up. We must master ourselves. We are already perfect, but we have restricted awareness and control of who we are. Methods like genuine meditation are the most balanced and effective ways to give one knowledge of one’s self and lasting personal mastery.

In regards to nearly every aspect of human life, in my mind, nothing is good or bad. Rather everything creates change and the change moves us in a certain direction. With more wisdom we create better choices. The more objectively we can observe our experiences, being detached but intently curious to learn, the more knowledge we can gain and the better choices we can make.

I hope this helps.

Blessings and Love,

~ Lincoln


  1. mAyA says:

    This is the best piece on this subject i have ever read.I always believed what is the use of a trip that lasts maximum an hour.Instead why not get high on love??? You never come down from that trip. Thankyou for writing this amazing piece.Love and Regards.

  2. Joey says:

    Thank you lincoln for writing this very helpful and informing article. You said that the marijuana plant has a spirit and we merge its conciousness with it. Is their any way to communicate with it? Id figure it’d be good to make sure the spirit has good intentions before you give over part of your self to it.

  3. Lincoln says:

    Because spirits have astral bodies, but not physical bodies, a person must use their astral senses to receive communication. So a person must learn how to feel energy – this includes their own energy body and the energy of the plant. When the plant is ingested the spirit’s energy body will merge with the person’s. A more evolved person can use mind-to-mind communication with the spirit. Feeling energy and mental telepathy are the most common astral forms of communication. Developing astral sight (seeing energy) is another method.

    Blessings and Love.

  4. Lincoln says:

    My advice in regards to your herb use, I recommend that you allow yourself to be fully present in the experience. This will give you the emotional and psychological fulfillment that you are seeking. When we hold ourselves back from enjoying an experience, we create energetic space between our consciousness and the experience, and therefore often desire to create the experience again. When we are fully “in” the experience, we feel satisfied with less because we have gotten more out of it.

    Second, view this plant as sacred. What it offers a human being is an expanded awareness of the subtle energy (astral) dimension. We can use this expanded awareness to learn more about our emotional energies, thought energies and personal reality. When we fully experience this state, we use it for learning and growth. When the plant is seen as a sacred way to experience the subtle dimension, then we do not desire to use it for other things that abuse this sacred intention.

    I feel that the harm from using a plant like this is not directly related to the plant, except in the case of excessive use and the effects it has on the liver and lungs. The harm is often due to the person’s intentions – using the plant in ways that are not sacred and not productive, such as avoiding one’s physical responsibilities, dulling one’s mind to numb emotional suffering, passing time with boredom not being productive. The plant itself is sacred. How we use the plant determines the effects we experience.

    I hope that my answer has helped to educate you and assist you in your life path.

  5. vasudevan says:

    Hello Lincoln,
    If the intention is sacred and and purely to ponder more on subtle energies through spiritual pracices regularly,(Energy for which this plant gives enough) at the same time somewhere inside holding a inner feeling also that it is illegal and bad in all aspects ( through society, who never experienced the plant).
    My question is, if we use it as an aid for inner development, as the process unfolds, the dependence on the aid will be lost or remains?

  6. Lincoln says:

    Hello Vasudevan, When a person feels guilt, their mind is moving them away from an experience. When a person feels desire, their mind is moving them towards the experience. In many cases people have both emotions, guilt and desire, which is why they experience internal conflict in relation to the experience. When these conflictual emotions are present, it is difficult to make a clear decision and stay true to that decision with sustained action.

    If there is dependence on the aid (marijuana) then there is a deeper psychological issue, deeper and different than simply guilt and desire. The deeper issue is the belief that the person is not strong enough to create and experience happiness just as they are. If a person is unable to find their own inner strength and belief in themselves, then the dependency behaviors will continue. The object of dependence may change, from a sacred plant to a spiritual guru to excessive information to any number of things. What we depend upon is not as important as that we depend on something outside of ourselves. The core factor is the low self-esteem and a belief that one is not strong enough or deserving enough of the goal.

    With all of this said, a sacred plant, another person, a spiritual teaching can all be effective aids to spiritual growth, when used properly. Aids support us. A healthy psychological state is one in which the person can use these aids in situations when they are helpful, but not depend upon them for inner happiness. Whether with the aid or without the aid, the person continues to experience happiness and a knowing that oneself is a powerful creator and worthy of spiritual reward.

    Sometimes, as the aid provides a person with experiences of more happiness, the desire to use the aid is increased. This would be considered addiction. If the aid causes unhappiness however, then the desire to stop using the aid will occur. This desire to stop is often accompanied with guilt. Even if a person is experiencing unhappiness and the desire to stop, he/she will continue to use the aid (or replace it with a similar form) until he/she realizes that he/she is the source of creative power that will create one’s own happiness. This is the reason why many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction. They suffer with the substance and try to quit, only to later return because they have not improved upon their self-esteem karma. They have not learned to create their own happiness with the substance.

    The dependence on an external form from one’s self (plant, guru, teaching, etc) will continue until the person realizes their own inner strength as a creative being. Any true spiritual teaching teaches this. We are here to awaken to the reality that we are Awareness, Intelligence and Creative Energy. The more deeply we realize what we are, the less we rely upon external aids and the more happiness we experience being just as ourselves.

    Blessings and Love

    ~ Lincoln

  7. vasudevan says:

    Thank you very much
    Unfortunately today only happened read your insightful answer.
    I have to ponder more on the knowledge
    With respect,

  8. vasudevan says:

    The awareness about the awareness can be experienced through regular effort ( sadhana ) or it just like that happens with certain people on certain times?

  9. Gina says:

    When I noticed I already was a pothead. After 7 years on/off, I happened to learn reading the Tarot with a book, just like that. Half a year later I had my first psychotic break while smoking. I had five more in three years ’cause I was sure it wasn’t “my friend’s fault”, so I kept on/off. Finally I stopped. Someone said my episode was due to the Tarot. Two people who read the Tarot warned me not to read it when I’m mentally “disturbed”. I smoked a week ago after three years without it, and I felt way too tired for three days, joint pain afterwards. Now I’m struggling with the desire. I used to worship it as it kinda saved my life when I was depressed, but now it’s like yeah it feels cool and it takes the back pain away for a while, but there are more cons than pros. The funny thing is that potheads -as I was- won’t believe the psychotic break or the joint pain part…

  10. Marcel says:

    Great article! Guess they found more info on “Today I read” vid. I guess it depends on how the plant is used? What if one says prayer over it (Thank you GOD for this, for blessing it and giving me and abundance of this. Then…. .. inhale & or ingest it? Does this change anything? It’s been claimed M.D. Masuro Emotto that water has cellular memory, and yet considered pseudo science. Yet it’s been proven? Oh! I am also feeling my physical heart and having optimistic intention. Thanking GOD for all the treasures that has been given to me by my UNIVERSE and thanking for being aware to grasp the love, peace, happiness, wealth and riches etc.. w/ confidence and ease. … … Although I find sometimes I would get these unwanted pessimistic thoughts but, not sure why. I do have a hunch that we were given a sign in 2017 a crop circle showing a mutated pot leaf. Then all of a sudden had this issue. Thank you Namaste

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