Sacred OM Mantra Meditations CD

Meditating with the OM mantra is one of the most advanced spiritual practices.  Declared as the greatest mantra sound, working with OM aligns a person with the primordial creative energy of life.

In this 60-minute Higher Self channeled guided meditation CD, you will be taught 3 ancient OM mantra meditations meditations: one aloud to vibrate the cells of the body and cleanse the aura; another in the Third Eye center (Anja Chakra) to quiet and purify the mind, and; the last in the Sushumna energy channel, where all 7 major chakras are located, to heal the emotions.

These 3 meditations will effectively cleanse your entire human energy system and align yourself directly with the original creative energy of life.

The science of OM is very detailed.  I have created a webpage that will teach you more about the OM mantra and how to effectively work with it.  By understanding the deeper meaning of OM / AUM, you will be experience more benefits from your mantra practices.

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