Opening Soon! Channel Higher Self Shop

Currently in development is the Channel Higher Self Shop.  Downloading videos, audio MP3 files, purchasing CDs and DVDs will be easy and affordable.  Find all of your favorite Channel Higher Self sessions ready to take home.  Listen to the Higher Self on your iPod MP3 player.  Watch Lincoln channel Higher Self on your home television.  Take Higher Self with you to work…

All sessions will be affordable, keeping with the original intent of the Channel to provide Heart-centered spiritual guidance to everyone.

Videos session on YouTube will continue to be created and posted free of cost.  The Channel Higher Self Shop is not intended to limit the availability of the Higher Self teachings.  Instead, this shop will offer more ways for you to include the Higher Self sessions in your daily life.  Including:

  • audio MP3
  • audio CD
  • downloadable QuickTime video
  • video DVD
  • .PDF eBooks

The Channel Higher Self Shop will offer both for cost and cost free items.
For cost items will begin at $0.99 US.

Check back soon.  The Channel Higher Self Shop will open as quickly as possible to help you with your spiritual pracitce.


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