New Higher Self Empowerment CD: From Fear to Love

From Fear to Love: Working with Fear’s Transformational Power CD

Fear is an energy and like any energy, it must be understood to be effectively worked within. Fear can be a powerful emotion that causes us to seize up, too shocked to think or act. Or fear can be the force that motivates us to overcome adversity and reach our goals.

In this CD the Higher Self will teach you how fear creates change in your chakras, emotions and mind. Fear first begins in the root chakra, where it challenges the trust we have in ourselves and in God and life. When used correctly, this fear can motivate us increase our confidence and trust to become more empowered. Fear can motivate a person to do great things. However if our fear is not worked with properly, we experience increased insecurity, anxiety and doubt. How we work with the energy of fear determines how our root chakra, thoughts and emotions will change.

Fear creates a progression of change in all 4 lower chakras. This CD will examine how these changes happen and teach you how to best work with your this challenging energy. When used correctly our fear will motivate and inspire, empower and illuminate. When used incorrectly, fear will restrict and limit, cause distancing and withdrawal. The information and techniques in this CD will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to master you fear, transforming it into love. Every step of the way you will be guided by the Higher Self, supporting you with spiritual energy and wisdom.

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