Lincoln’s Experience with Detox Cleanses

The following is a reply that I wrote to a man inquiring about detoxification cleanses and asking for recommendations.  Here I review  18 different detoxification methods that I have used since 1998.  I will be adding more methods to this webpage as I continue to explore health, nutrition and longevity science.  Enjoy!

18 Detoxes and Cleanses for Health and Longevity

I have personally tried numerous cleanses over the past 18 years.  I’ll list the ones that I remember here along with my opinion of them.  I’ll list in chronological order.  You’ll see those later on the list as being more effective.  At first glance, it may seem like a lot of cleansing – and it was.  For over 10 years I was on cleanses more often than I was not.  My goal was the best health, motivated by longevity.  Currently, I use cleanses a lot less (2 to 3 times per year, 15 to 30 day cleanses usually) but eat a very strict calorie restricted diet that keep my body very clean.  Water fasting single days or shorter periods is now my preferred method.

1) Master Cleanse (Used 5 times. Longest was 21 days).  When used for 1 to 5 days, this cleanse is effective.  Longer use creates too many imbalances due to large amounts of sugar.  Cleansing actions is similar to a fruit juice fast, but not as deep or quick as a good herbal detox cleanse with dietary adjustments.

2) Fruit Juice Cleanse/Fast (Used too many times to count. Longest was over 90 days).  I was exploring a strict raw food vegan diet with fruitarian segments for over 8 years.  Numerous times I’ve consumed only fruits and fruit juice.  Ultimately this fruit juice cleanse/fast was only good for about 10-14 days maximum.  Most people would do best with 7-10 day maximum.  After which time, the high amounts of sugar cause too much imbalance. Candida and bacteria problems are very common side effects of fruit juice cleansing and fasting.  Also a long time absence of healthy fats and protein will cause the body to digest muscle tissue, and later organ tissue.  In my opinion, and supported by numerous research studies, protein is the most important component of the diet.  Long term protein deficiency will cause numerous health problems.  Plus, too much carbohydrate foods (particularly fruits which lack minerals) will leach minerals from the bones.  These sugars require minerals, like calcium, for digestion.

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3) Fruit & Vegetable Juice Cleanse/Fast (Used too many times to count. Longest was over 90 days.)  The vegetable juice provides more minerals that are lacking in just fruits.  Vegetable juice will help the body to nutritional health for a longer time.  Still lacking proteins and fats (unless avocados are used), so up to 30 days is maximum.  The body can go longer, but I don’t recommend it.  The body gets too cold, muscle mass is lost, and energy levels sink.

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4) Dr Schulze 30 Day Cleanse  (Used 6-8 times, sometimes for 2 week but usually for 4 weeks).  This program uses herbs and herbal teas, along with fruit and vegetable juices and absorbers (charcoal, psyllium, etc).  The program uses 4 different week-long cleanses combined to detox the major organs (bowel, liver/gb, kidney/blood, bowel).  This program is more beneficial than fruit/vegetable juice cleansing along.  The herbs powerfully stimulate the organs to detox.  Expect results in 1/3 the time.  The only downside to this cleanse is the cost of $500 for herbs.

5) Arise & Shine 28 Day Cleanse (Used 5-6 times, full 28 days).  This is a an excellent cleanse product for deep intestinal (colon) cleansing. Essentially this cleanse uses herbs that break down mucoid plaque and other intestinal toxins to improve digestive health and strengthen immunity.  The cleanse includes dietary recommendations, allowing the person to deepen the cleansing action by simultaneously juice fasting or water fasting.  This is the strongest intestinal cleanse that I recommend using.  Detoxing the intestines are one part of the cleansing process.  All the organs must be specifically addressed for the highest health.

* * Link to Arise & Shine Cleanse:

6) HealthForce Cleanse Kit Level 3 (Used twice). I used these back when HealthForce first started.  There was only one cleanse at that time, but it was the full one they call “Level 3” at present.   This cleanse is similar to Arise & Shine, in that it uses a vegan or raw vegan diet, with emphasis on juicing.  Unlike the A&S cleanse, it does not layout the diet/juices in as specific a program.  A&S has much better instructions.  This HealthForce cleanse focuses on the intestines, like A&S.  The SCRAM parasite herbs help to cleanse the intestines and blood at a deeper level.  Because of SCRAM, this cleanse goes a little deeper than A&S.  A&S does not have parasite-specific herbs.  But I feel that A&S has a much better drawing formula (bentonite and psyllium).  The Drawing Forumla and ZeoForce is weaker, in my opinion.  Plus the Drawing Formula always caused a nauseous feeling in my stomach.  No other brands drawing formula made me nauseous.  I know it’s not “detox symptoms” because of how many cleanses I had done prior and after.  I do feel that Vitamineral Greens is one of the best nutritional supplements available (better is Green Vibrance and Maximum Vibrance), much better than A&S Herbal Nutrition.  All in all, HealthForce has created a great cleanse, but I feel that A&S is better and easier to perform and Dr Schulze and Dr Christopher are more complete.

* * Link to HealthForce Cleanse:

7) Dr Christopher 6 Week Cleanse. (Used twice, full 6 weeks).  Dr Christopher was the teacher of Dr Schulze.  Dr Schulze uses all the same herbal formulas as his teacher.  But the cost is 1/5th the price, $100.  Missing from Dr C’s cleanse are the teas (but you can always create these from bulk herbs) and the juicing instructions (Dr C recommends whole foods, vegetarian with healthy forms of animal products (non-mucus forming).  Because the cleanse is 6 weeks, whole foods and animal products are intelligently recommended.  6 weeks on raw juices will imbalance the body.  I recommend this cleanse for most people.  The program uses 4 supplements, each focusing on a major organ (bowel, liver/gb, kidney, blood).  All 4 types are taken every day to detox the entire body at one time.  This is the most balanced and complete herbal organ cleanse program I know.  It is easy for most people to use and will detox and strengthen (very rare for a cleanse to strengthen organs directly) the organs

* * Link to Dr Christopher 6 Week Cleanse:

8) Dr Christopher Systemic Yeast Cleanse (Total body candida cleanse).  (Used twice, full 4 weeks).  This is a Dr C bowel and blood cleanse used to 100% eliminate candida from the body.  This is by far the best candida cleanse I’ve tried.  All of raw food and fruitarian days caused a long term candida issue – one that no other candida cleanse could conquer.  I tried ReNew Life CandiGONE, ReNew Life CandiZYME, Garden of Life Fungal Defense, Rainbow Light Candida Cleanse, Candex, and some others I forget.  I also used specific herbs/supplements like pau d’arco, caprilic acid, garlic, oregano oil, etc., and numerous brands of probiotics.  Only Dr C’s system worked and it worked the first time.  I recommend this cleanse to everyone!

* * Link to Dr Christopher Candida Cleanse:

9) Water Fasting (Used too many times to count. Ranging from 1 day to 27 days).  I love water fasting.  I still perform it regularly, often skipping food for 1 or 2 days once or more per month.  True water fasting gives the body a break from digestion, allows for detoxification, and also rebalances the body.  All foods have energetic properties (Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda) so eating a food will alter the body’s energy balance in some way.  Water fasting lets the body finds it’s own balance.  I feel that everyone should water fast.  Begin with 1 day per week and increase to longer fasts as you become accustom.

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10) Dry Fasting / No food, no water. (Used 3 times. 7 days, 3 days, and 3 days.)  This is the deepest type of cleanse.  No food and no water is drank.  This fast is prepared for with weeks of strict eating or other cleanses, and a few days of juice fasting or water fasting.  My first dry fast was 7 days in 2010, as part of a 100+ day program of juicing, cleansing, water fasting and mono-diets (only blended grapefruit for 4 weeks and only spirulina and water for 4 weeks).  Going for 7 days without anything put in my body was much easier than I thought.  The fear is the biggest problem.  I really didn’t have any detox symptoms, but my body was super clean by then.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND DRY FASTING TO ANYONE.  MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT PSYCHOLOGICALLY PREPARED.

11) Caloric Restriction “with Optimal Nutrition” (practice for over 15 years).  CR is the most researched longevity method on the planet.  The general idea is to find the perfect amount of food to eat each day that supplies all the body’s needs with no excess.  Excess nutrition is used and therefore wastes digestive energy.  Animal studies show that for every 1% of calories reduced, 1% of the lifespan is increased.  So a diet with 30% less calories, will increase the animal’s lifespan by 30%.  Human studies have not yet successfully replicated this finding for a few reasons in my mind.  1) No study has been long enough yet.  A human lifetime is 100+ years on CR. 2) Most scientific diets are not properly created in my opinion.  So the human test subjects are eating inferior diets with deficiencies and therefore will not show signs of great health improvements.  3) Animals are instinctual and have minimal emotional factors in health. Human emotion is a huge factor in health (stress, hormones, etc).  Most humans have very poor emotional health (high stress lifestyles).   I feel that CR should be seriously practiced by anyone desiring longevity and the highest states of health.

12) Restricted Ketogenic Diet (My current diet. Practiced Strictly practiced for 3+ years, including 100 days with less than 3 gram total carbohydrate per day).  In recent years the RK diet has become popular due to cancer studies.  I’ve been one and off an RK diet for over 7 years because I tried to replicate the ketosis of fasting (which I loved) in food form.  I did RK before RK had a name.  Now RK is showing up everywhere.  The general idea is that cancer, tumors, virus, bacteria, candida, and most forms of disease are fed by carbohydrates.  By eliminating / severely reducing carbohydrates these pathogens are starved and therefore die off.  An intelligent RK diet will give the human body all it needs to rebuild and stay strong (protein, fat, vitamins, minerals) and use protein and fat for energy.  Carbohydrates are not essential for the body.  Protein is the most essential food product, then fat, then minerals, then vitamins.

13) Intermittent Fasting (Practice periodically, not long enough personally for any conclusive opinions).  This is where I am moving into.  I have done IF for weeks at a time, but not long enough for my own desires.  I found a fascinating IF study many years ago that compared the effectiveness of different eat-fast schedules.  They found the “eating 2 days, 1 fasting one day” schedule to produce the best results.  Second best was “eating 1 day, fasting 1 day”.  Third was “eating 3 days, fasting 1 day”.   Then came “4 and 1” and “5 and 1”, then “6 and 1”.   IF shows the same benefits as CR because IF uses CR.  Some scientists claim that IF is better than CR because Human Growth Hormone levels improve higher, along with other aging factors.   Currently there are pseudo-IF methods out there, like “Fast 5” (eat fast 19 hours, eat 5 hours each day).  These are not genuine IF.  The are elongated daily eating schedules and do not produce the same scientific results.  Most people are food-addicted and fasting longer than a single day can be challenging physically, mentally and emotionally.  Fasting must be built up to.  There is a lot to learn about the body and one’s self that comes with time and experience.

14) Far Infrared Saunas (owned mine since 2006, used in my health centers as well).  Not technically a food-based detox, Far Infrared Saunas are amazing methods to detoxify and cleanse the body.  The skin is the single largest organ in the body and also the largest detoxification organ (pours, sweat, body odor, etc).  I used my IR Sauna 1 to 3 times per week (more often during cleanses) to keep my body clean.  My body feels the cleanest just after a single 45 minute -1.5 hour sauna or 3 consecutive days of 25 to 45 minute saunas.  If you have done deep sauna work, then you know just how amazing deep clean skin and tissue feels.  Like most areas of my life, I am a research fanatic.  The sauna brand with the best studied and best rated IR panels is Sunlighten.   I recommend their Carbon IR panels over cheap Chinese companies that use inferior materials, ceramic or wire heating elements.  Sunlighten’s Carbon panels produce the closed Infrared waves to the sunlight (objectively proven a Japanese Far Infrared Society study).

* * Link to Far Infrared Sauna:

15) Enemas and colonics.  I do recommend that enemas are used to support detoxification.  This is especially true for anyone starting out.  Enemas use distilled water (nothing else!) to wash out the toxins and waste products released during a cleanse.  This greatly reduced detox symptoms (headaches, nausea, sweating, body heat, fogging thinking, low energy, etc).  Use 1 to 2 enemas per day on day 1.  Then then 1 enema each day for the first week at least or the entire cleanse.  After 7 days, you can reduce to 1 enema every 2 days.  Then after day 14, reduce to 1 enema every 3 days.  There is no danger in using enemas.  This is evident by people using enemas for 30-70+ years and still having normal functioning bowels.  Colonic, however, can be dangerous and weaken the body.  The pressurized water stretches the intestines.  Overuse can weaken the muscles.   I prefer enemas over colonics.  Be patient, all cleansing takes time and colonics are not a quick fix.  Colonics are like enemas on steroids.

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16) Parasite Cleanse (performed 2 times, 35 days each).  My own parasite cleanse is a program combining many different parasite detox programs.  There are many types of parasites and most formulas do not address all the types, or where they live in the human body.  My program uses Diatomaceous Earth, HealthForce SCRAM, black walnut hull, wormwood, cayenne, Dr Christopher’s Intestinal Sweep, and a powerful CoQ10 program.  This program I have created after weeks of research.

* * Link to Parasite Cleanse:

17) Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse (performed once for 1.5 years)  Detoxing heavy metals is a long and slow process.  A specific diet must be followed (Ancestral Diet high in animal fats to pull the metals from the fatty tissue in the body – brain, glands, organs) and all natural supplements used.  I do not recommend using medical chelation methods (EDTA, DMSA, etc) because they are “weak chelators”.  They will detach the metal from organs, carry it through the blood, but often drop the metals in the kidneys when the blood enters the kidneys for cleansing.  The work of Dr Hal Huggins explains this.  He is the “father” of metal detoxification with a Ph.D. in immunology and dentistry.  Heavy metal cleansing is one of the last detox methods to use – only after all the organs have been detoxed.  It is very important to not detox metals too soon.  Too many health problem can arise because the metals are so toxic.

* * Link to Heavy Metal Detox:

NOTES:  I’ve followed many other smaller cleanses, like those by ReNew Life Organic Total Body Cleanse, Nature’s Secret 5 Day Cleanse, Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse, Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse, Yogi Tea Detox, a combination of Garden of Life cleanse products, and a handful of other “quick cleanses”.  I don’t considered these to be genuine “detox cleanses”.  They are far to weak.  Most are laxative herbal capsules that do nothing more than cause quicker bowel movements.  I’ve studied herbs enough to know what the brands and using and why.

Final Recommendations and Wisdom

Diet: Your diet (the foods you eat) is the most important factor in health.  As the age old saying goes, “you are what you eat”. Eat low quality, mass processed, nutrient deficient man-made foods with plastics, environmental toxins, and dangerous chemicals that do not digest properly and you’ll get a body that is weak and prone to illness.  Eat a balanced diet of organic, home grown or wild harvest foods, supplement with herbs and superfoods to ensure adequate nutrients and high life force and you’ll get a body that is strong and healthy.  Evolve your food choices to the next level through research and refinement and you’ll get a body that is pain-free, inflammation-free, and disease-free.  Feed your body everything it needs and nothing in deficiency or excess and you’ll get a fine-tuned body that needs less sleep, has constant energy and endurance, and lives past 100 years.

Study those people who are living examples of health and longevity.  Avoid the hype of people, companies, and advertising that push their products with the primary goal of making money and not making health.  Health should be #1, not money.  Trade health for money and you’ll end up like most American’s, overworked, living in debt and stressed out.  Avoid fad diets.  They are marketed for quick profit, designed to create excitement, but disappear in a few short years because they do not work.  Fad diets are constantly being pumped into the market on bookshelves, health store shelves, and websites. I have seen too many people cause health problems following imbalanced diets based on philosophy, theory, pseudo-science, made up claims, and improperly performed research.   Life simply and eat simply.  Food choices are #1 most important.

Cleansing: After diet comes cleansing.  We can start cleansing at the very beginning of health changes, along with dietary adjustments.  We do not have to wait to get the diet in place.  Starting with a cleanse is a great way to get motivated and to get on a new schedule.  Cleanses offer an eating plan that is precise, helping to break bad habits very quickly.

How to pick the right cleanse?  This is a very tricky topic to write up – because everyone’s body is at a different level of health and experiencing different health challenges.  For some people, a candida cleanse is best because it takes the burden off the immune system.  Organs cannot detox properly if the body is overrun with candida.  For others, it’s an intestinal/colon cleanse to clear out the primary pathway of digestion and elimination.  And for a few with severe illness, detoxing the liver and gallbladder is the best place to begin.  The basic idea here is to detox the most important area first.  Then all other successive cleanses will be much more effective, and health problems will show signs of immediate improvement.  Then after the first series of cleanses, the focus becomes the remaining organs – stomach, kidneys, and blood.  Parasite cleanses are important due to the deep detox effects on many organs.  They come during or after the other organs are flushed.  Heavy Metal detoxification must come last, after all the organs are healthy and strong – because there is a great demand on the body when detoxing metals.

As you can likely tell from my post, this is a lot of information.  Most people get lost as to where to start or what to use.  It took me nearly 20 years to get where I am, and I’m still learning.  I see each cleanse as having a purpose and some cleanses are more effective than others.  The order of cleansing is very important, as is identifying problems areas in the body, and getting the diet right.  So for all of this help, I do offer personal health consultation – and have been for over 15, working in professional natural medicine offices as a nutritional consultant, life coach, and detoxification “expert”.  My mother has also been employed in the natural health industry working with supplements and herbal medicine since 1996, which is one reason why I have tried so many different cleanse brands.  So if you want to work with me, post a reply with your email address and I’ll contact you.

There it is. Nearly 20 years of detox and cleanses summaries in 2 hours of writing.  Enjoy!  Post questions and I’ll reply.  As you can see I love health!


  1. Colin says:

    What are your views on amino acid therapy?

    And do you know of any diet related ways to increase your attentional capacity?

    Also, Thank you!

  2. Lincoln says:

    I recommend eating whole foods that nature has created for us. The supplements that I recommend are either whole herbs, herbal extracts (distilled, not chemical extracts), dehydrated whole foods, or dehydrated juice from whole foods. I do not recommend any synthetic foods or synthetic amino acids. If a person follows a proper diet, he/she will receive all the natural amino acids (protein) that is needed.

    Meditation is the most effective way to increase one’s attention and brain function. Food is for the body’s health. Meditation is for the mind.

  3. Colin says:

    Thank you

  4. Mel Wells says:

    I am so impressed with your devotion to detox. Funny, but today I read a quote by Yoko Ono where she said to “keep the water in your body clean.” I realize that is what you are doing and I commend you for it. The thoroughness of your research findings is impressive too. I have been doing IF on and off but need a deeper experience so your information really helps. Thanks for all your efforts.

  5. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Mel. I am happy that this information is beneficial to you. Yes, keeping the water in our bodies (and upon this planet) clean is very important. In a similar sense, keeping the earth element (material food substance, tissue) pure, the fire element (sunlight energy, digestive fire, enzymes, nervous system electricity) strong, and the air element (breath, oxygen) clean is very important. Our planet, our bodies and the Universe are created by these elemental aspects, energies and substances. Keeping all parts of ourselves in the highest states of health keeps our body temple strong and sacred. I see health practices as a form of spiritual discipline and self-Love. They are necessary if one wishes to experience life in the fullest happiness and joy. Thank you for sharing. I wish you the best in your IF practice and healthy lifestyle. Blessings.

  6. Colin says:

    What about the coconut oil cleanse?

  7. Lincoln says:

    I have followed a coconut oil mono-diet for 2 days, during which time I considered it to be imbalancing for my body. I do not consider a mono-diet a cleanse similar to the ones I have listed here. A mono-diet will have cleansing effects however it does not have enough components that focus on detoxing and healing the different organs. A mono-diet is simply a strict diet.

    My mono-diets (only eating one food type for days) to date have been coconut oil, raw milk, spirulina and water, oranges, grapefruit, kitchari, and sprouts. My longest mono-diets were spirulina and water (4 weeks) and grapefruits (4 weeks). Raw milk was sustainable. However the other diets showed me signs of imbalance within a few days and were then ended.

  8. Ustadh says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    Thanks for writing this up, really found it beneficial…

    You mentioned at the top that you have a very strict calorie restricted diet…can you give us an idea of that diet and what you eat on a average daily basis..

    Many thanks.


  9. Lincoln says:

    Hello Ustadh, My own diet is the result of over 15 years of self-experimentation with many different foods and body detoxification. I eat only organic or wild harvest foods and herbs. Everything is eaten in whole food form without any additives or extra ingredients. I consume only the amount of foods each day that my body requests. I’ve learned to listen to my body’s communication (through feeling and organ energies) as well as my Higher Self guidance. Together all of these factors form my own diet.

    I work with people to help form a food menu and program that works best for them. There are many factors involved in creating a food menu and each person’s menu will have some important differences. I look at health goals, current state of health, any illnesses or diseases, organ energies (Chinese Medicine), body constitution (Ayurveda), blood type, ancestry and genetic factors, lifestyle, level of commitment, emotional health, chakra health, astrological profile and more. These all play an important role in forming a proper diet that the person can stay using and benefit from.

    These are the most important things to understand about my diet. My experience is the body’s needs will change over the course of a person’s life due to many factors, including hormones, chakra development, psychological chakra development (stages of life relate to chakra activity), activity types (physical labor vs mental labor vs meditation), seasons of the year, climate zones, and more. To give you a list of foods would not serve your highest good. It would show what works for me at this time in my life, but it would not show you what is best for you. Discovering your correct diet is a process that will take many months or years of discovery – depending largely how well you listen to your body – not how many books you’ve read by other authors.

    I can tell you that my diet only uses living foods and includes high amounts of vitamins and minerals with adequate amounts of protein and fat, and extremely low levels of carbohydrates. Sometimes 0 grams of carbohydrate for consecutive days. I eat a combination of foods in their raw state, blended state and cooked state – depending on the type of food. I feed the body what it needs to function and repair itself. I do not eat for brain chemical changes or emotional eating. I do not put unnatural man-made items in my body. I also combine my foods properly for digestion so I often eat only one food item at a time and plan my meals in the order of digestive time. My awareness has become very sensitive in my body and energy system and this guides my eating.

    I realize that I did not answer your question with a list of “my foods”, as you requested. I hope that what I provided was of more value and more clarity. I do not feel that most authors correctly understand the body and food. Their limited understanding is reflected in the way they teach and how they focus on idealism or pieces of science. If you would like to work with me, please send me a personal message. Health consultation work is done for donation.

  10. Ustadh says:

    Thanks for your reply, it does contain much benefit. I appreciate it.

  11. Lincoln says:

    Excellent. You are welcome.

    Here you can view some of my recommended food items, books, etc.

    I created these lists over the years after working with many people. My own diet does not include many of these items. However different people are at different levels of health and stages of diet formation, so these products may serve them.

  12. Colin says:

    I know where you stand currently on synthetic vitamins, but do you have any history of working with niacin and ascorbic acid? I”m just curious.

  13. Lincoln says:

    I do not recommend any synthetic vitamins. Most are created using petroleum (oil), sugar (sucrose) or corn (fructose) – all of which I feel should not be eaten by a human being. They are delivered to the body in an isolated form – which never happens in nature. Nature always delivers nutrients/vitamins in groups because the different nutrients support each other. Essentially, the body uses vitamins and minerals, fats and proteins together. When we eat isolated parts of a food (or a synthetic product) the parts do not digest properly and cannot be used properly in the body.

    Aside from this, there are some theories that synthetic vitamins block the receptor sites for natural vitamins when in the body. The prevents the body from using the natural vitamins found in foods.

    You can learn which whole food vitamins I recommend and read an informative article about synthetic vitamins here:

    I also have lists of “Superfoods” – which are natural foods with high amounts of naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can view those on the right side menu on my Recommendations site:

  14. Colin says:

    Thank you , that is very prudent and probably wise.

    You probably have enough expertise to address these problems with other methods, but I still think it is worth knowing about niacin and its potential benefits in case someone can get help from it.

    Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Saul about Niacin

  15. Lincoln says:

    My experience is that if a person eats a correct diet then all the essential nutrients will be provided. There is no need for isolated supplementation. Mankind has existed for thousands of years without man-made isolated synthetic vitamins / foods and have thrived – with people living well over 100 years. We have a lot of documented history showing this. We also have the nutritional diets and wisdom from these cultures.

    Please keep in mind that much of the information about man-made vitamins / foods is created and marketed by the people and companies that sell these products. Be very cautious when researching health. Sales pitches and skewed information with little to no research is very common.

  16. Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing this wealth of knowledge and personal experience.
    This is really helpful for me.
    many thanks,

  17. Lincoln says:

    You are welcome Carol. I am happy to help. Blessings and Love.

  18. Isaac says:

    What makes dry fasting the deepest cleanse? Does the body not need water to flush out toxins and what not?

  19. Lincoln says:

    Our bodies are naturally self-healing. When we dry fast, we allow our bodies to devote all of their energies to internal purification and regeneration. All digestive processes, including the drinking of water, requires the body to expend energy. Yes, food gives us energy but it also uses energy to digest it. When we fast, our body uses our stored energy and the body focuses on healing. Dry fasting (eating no food and no water) is the strictest form of fasting.

    I do not recommend dry fasting to people, unless the practitioner already has experienced many long (over 10 day) water fasts. Dry fasting releases deep toxins very quickly. Too many toxins released into the digestive system blood stream will cause detoxification effects, which can be frightening and uncomfortable for an inexperienced faster. It is wisest to perform short water fasts and build into longer ones. This guides the body in steady and enjoyable cleanses, while still reaching the greatest results in detoxification.

    In addition to fasting and detoxification practices, it is necessary to follow a proper diet. Without a proper diet, toxins will be added back into the body after each cleanse, thus negating much of the benefits of the fast.

  20. Colin says:

    This is a very basic question, but what is the point of cleansing? What is the desired outcome. I know you’re removing heavy metals and toxins, but why? You say in the beginning “My goal was the best health, motivated by longevity.”. When you say best health, do you feel better after cleansing? more energy? more happiness? I’m very interested in the body mind connection, because I am aware that there are autistic children that get better after removing the heavy metals and parasites from their body. This makes me wonder if some of the chronic unhappiness in the world is due not just to spiritual ignorance, but also to the presence of parasites and heavy metals that interfere with the emotions and the functions of the mind.

  21. I LOVE your article and appreciate all the hours it took to compile! Thank you for helping transform so many lives! Amazing and great resources and recommendations. I am 65, female, rarely get ill, eat organic, drink lots and lots of water. Never drank coffee, don’t like soda, no smoking, no chemicals in my food for 35 years, rare glass of wine. When I was 22 they removed my gallbladder (and appendix without my permission). I agree when you eat well, you rarely need lots of supplements, however, I have to take a little thyroid which was the only thing off in a blood test I had done for my family who always worries because I am heavy. I love Mega Foods and just began using their Thyroid supplement to see if it has any effects. Any supplements or digestive aids you would recommend for someone like me. I am just experimenting with adding cinnamon to my meals or ginger beforehand. Read cayenne is good. THANKS for Any advice you might offer! I appreciate what you shared already!! Thanks! Morgine

  22. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Morgine. MegaFoods supplements are excellent because they come from whole foods. Compared to other herbal formula, however, they tend to be on the weaker side. There certainly are some foods and herbs that I can recommend to you. I would need, however, more information from you. Working with me in a personal health consultation would be best.

    * * * Update * * *

    I appreciate your desire to work with me. I know that what I share with you will help you to reach your health goals. I look forward to our session this week.

  23. Rick says:

    For someone who claims to have no monetary motivation, why are your links to an Amazon store?

  24. Diane says:

    You seemed to mention you recommend your parasite over the others. Does the Healthforce Cleanse not cover parasites? Well I wanted to check yours out but could not find it on your website. Where would I go?

  25. Lincoln says:

    Hello Diane, The parasite cleanse that I recommend uses HealthForce SCRAM along with other herbal formulas. HealthForce SCRAM is powerful, however I feel that it is not a complete formula and cannot address parasites located in harder to cleanse organs – like liver, lung, heart and brain parasites. For these more difficult to cleanse organs, the high doses of CoQ10 is needed. I also recommend using the NOW brand Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex tincture to more strongly detox the body. This adds more strength to the cleanse. Here is the link to my recommendations.

    The HealthForce Cleanse Kit does include SCRAM, which is a dedicated parasite formula. Using the SCRAM while using the other HealthForce detox kit supplements will remove parasites. It is an effective method. I would still recommend adding the CoQ10 to the cleanse, simply because the CoQ10 can achieve results that my research shows me SCRAM cannot. If you are suffering from parasite problems, then I would also add the NOW Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex.

  26. Thea says:

    Thank you for this. I was comparing arise and shine and health force and found this. I know a little about all these, have lightly studied cleanses and have taken 1000’s of herbs my whole life.
    I did a&s for 4 weeks but never did the juice fast at the end. I still received a lot of benefits I did water enemas throughout.

    I was attracted to the health force scram. I eat a lot of raw fish and who knows, might have parasites. My digestion can be slow, and I have very often ” damp heat” present in the body (Chinese medicine) also spleen deficient and liver congestion so know I am a candida growing zone.
    I want to do one for 2-3 weeks. Which one would you reccomend? I was thinking of arose and shine and adding scram, or maybe just trying health force?
    Any suggestions I would appreciate it.

  27. Dominique says:

    You could try the 7 day detox & colon cleanse of OmDetox. It’s very similar to Arise and Shine, like the 3rd week of the 28 day program (the phase where you fast). This is when you expel the parasites and heal.

  28. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Dominique for your comment and recommendation. I have never tried the OmDetox so I cannot add it to my recommendations. Based upon my research of this cleanse, I also know that I will not be using the OmDetox in the future. It is a very basic cleanse that would be beneficial for many people who are new to cleansing, however there are most powerful and effective cleanses for healing that I already mentioned here in my article. I wish you the best of health and happiness. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Naina says:

    Hi I am so glad I have stumbled upon this blog. I have been fasting since I was a child and started cleansing with arise and shine in 2007. I have done a few cleanses but not enough as cost and convenience has slowed me down. I want to commence an arise and shine cleanse yet again after a few years and want to do the candida cleanse protocol you have outlined on the blog as it is tricky to find an effective candida cleanse that works first time. I also want to do a thorough parasite cleanse. I have done many over time but they have not cleaned me out as I would like.

    My question is should I do the arise and shine 28 day cleanse (I tend to do it for 2 depending) along with the candida cleanse and the parasite cleanse all at the same time with some colonics and enemas. Would you recommend this or shall I do the candida and parasite cleanse first followed by arise and shine. I feel I should it them all simultaneously but wanted your point of view please as to what order.

    I plan to then do a liver flush if needed and finish off with a heavy metals detox. After a few months of clean diet I would then attend a breatharian retreat and go that route long term. For some reason I feel I should do this cleanse before the breatharian practice as I feel I need to cleanse the parasites and the mucoid plaque to a manageable level before becoming a breatharian which I feel may be the way forward for me.

    Your guidance would be appreciated please. Please let me know if you feel I need a health consultation with you and how much this would cost.


  30. Lincoln says:

    Hello Naina. Thank you for your comments. Cleansing is a powerful way to restore our health when it’s failing and to take our health to higher levels that before. I view cleansing as 1/2 the process of achieving greater health through food. The second 1/2 is the diet was use to rebuild and maintain our bodies.

    To answer your questions, the Arise and Shine cleanse program is not compatible with the Dr Christopher Candida Cleanse. They use very different meals plans. For any candida cleanse to be successful, the diet must be extremely low in all carbohydrates (except insoluble fiber). Carbohydrates feed candida. Their food must be eliminated so that no candida survives in the body during the cleanse.

    The parasite cleanse herbs can be combined with the Arise and Shine cleanse or with the Candida Cleanse. However, these herbs will be most effective when following a diet that is extremely low in all carbohydrates (except insoluble fiber). Parasites eat carbohydrates. Like Candida, their food must be eliminated for the most effective removal to occur. For this reason, I occasionally add anti-parasite herbs into the Candida Cleanse when guiding others on it. If a persons’ body is strong enough then this combination can be done. If a person is too weak, I will only use the Candida Cleanse and then recommend a parasite cleanse after a period of rebuilding.

    Please know that a proper heavy metal cleanse requires a very specific diet and often must be followed for up to 2 or 3 years. I have witness people causing great harm to themselves by not detoxifying properly, especially the heavy metal phase.

    After my 20 years of detoxification experience, I have witness a lot and learned a lot. How most people are cleansing is not recommended by myself.

    If you’d like a health consultation we can set this up. Please message me using the Contact Page.

  31. Keziah says:

    Thank you. 🙂 Your wisdom is appreciated

  32. Kae says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    I really want to do a parasite cleanse that will be effective and thorough. Do you still recommend the same parasite cleanse protocol as above? Does it even kill roundworms? (I hear they are especially hard to kill.)

    I just found your YouTube recently and it’s been pretty interesting to explore.

    Thanks for your help and love!

  33. Kae says:

    Hey Lincoln,

    Would you be able to outline your total parasite cleanse recommendations again? You said your program uses cayenne and Dr. Christopher but they weren’t mentioned in the regimen you linked.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  34. Emily says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    Do you have any experience or opinion with the Standard Process okra-pepsin supplement for aiding detox of the colon and removing mucoid plaque?
    Much thanks.

  35. Lincoln says:

    Hello Emily, I have been aware of the company Standard Process since 2007, however I have never chosen to use any of their supplements. At the time Standard Process was restricted to direct sales from licensed practitioners (naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc). I co-owned a healing center at the time and we had the opportunity to use and sell their products but we decided to use other companies. Now, Standard Process can be purchased online.

    I prefer using whole foods supplements for the majority of my applications. I also use enzymes, probiotics, herbal tinctures, and a select few food-derived nutraceuticals that serve very specific purposes. Ingredients and their quality matter greatly so every supplement I chose is closely examined.

    For the detoxification of the colon, I have a very specific program that I designed by combining the herbal knowledge of Dr John Christopher (the founder of America’s first herbal medicine school), Ayurveda and very up-to-date enzyme therapy. It is necessary to follow a very specific dietary program when on a colon cleanse. The diet would be tailor to the needs of the individual. In most cases, a diet with zero carbohydrate-rich foods would be followed during the cleanse program and a diet with very selective carbohydrate-rich foods would be allowed after the cleanse for a period of time when the body rebalances it’s intestinal bacteria and mucosal lining. If rebuilding of the intestinal tissue is required, then additional recommendations would be made. Depending on the severity of the body’s health, a series of cleanses focused on detoxifying the liver, kidneys and blood would follow the intestinal cleanse.

    My experience is that most colon cleanse systems are incomplete and generic. Most store-bought programs are nothing more than laxative herbs combined with stool bulking agents. These are ineffective.

    For an effective cleanse, the specific needs of the individual must be addressed. A specific meal plan must be created that addresses not only the digestive system, but also underlying deficiencies and imbalances in the whole body. A proper sequence of stages of cleansing must be followed. When this is done, then a person can expect better results in a shorter period of time.

    If it takes 20, 30, 40 years or longer to create an illness, we must anticipate a sufficient amount of time dedicated to cleansing and healing the body. A proper program of cleansing is said to require 1 year of cleansing and proper eating for every 10 years of improper living. With this in mind, participating in an effective self-healing program is a commitment.

    If you’d like additional help in designing a cleanse program for you, we can work together. I work on a donation basis. Please contact me using my contact form. I wish you success and happiness in your healing journey. I will happily pass on what I have learned during my 24 years of dedicated health research, experimentation and application.

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