Lincoln of Channel Higher Self leaves for Europe to host events

On June 17, 2013 Lincoln of Channel Higher leaves for Europe. For 3 months Lincoln will be hosting classes, workshops, retreats and personal Higher Self channeling sessions.

In June, July and August 2013, Lincoln will be hosting many events, workshops and personal channeling sessions in Amsterdam, London, Norwich, Zurich, and Warsaw. View his schedule of Higher Self events at Or contact him to schedule your own personal Higher Self channeling session at

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  1. June 22: Centrum de Roos in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    “Connecting With Your Higher Self”
  2. June 30: Centrum de Roos in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    “Opening to Your Heart’s Desire: Gaining Clarity in your Life”
  3. July 6: The Breeze yoga studio in Beckenham, United Kingdom
    “Awakening Divine Love From Within Your Spiritual Heart”
  4. July 7: Yoga Barn in Bromley, United Kingdom.
    “Awaken Inner Peace in a World of Change: Mind and Emotion Mastery at All Times”
  5. July 13-14: Retreat at The Old Workshop in Dereham (Norwich), United Kingdom
    “Peace, Power and Love: A Retreat into the Mastery of Your Self”
  6. July 20: Volkshaus in Z├╝rich, Switzerland
    “Learning Authentic Meditation: Going Deeper into your Self”
  7. August 24-25: Warsaw, Poland (location to be determined)
    “Master the Creation of Your Life: True Secrets for Success”
  8. August 31: Centrum de Roos in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    “Secrets of Your Breath: Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of Your Body”

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