Introduction to Sitting Meditation Instructional CD

Meditation is the most ancient healthcare method and spiritual realization practice.  In modern times we have hundreds of practices call “meditation”, but most are not genuine meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation begins as the practice of using effort to focus awareness on one object or process.  Traditionally, the point of focus is a location of the body or the breath. As the meditation deepens, less effort is needed to stay focused and the mind becomes less restless.

In deeper meditation, a profound union between the object of focus and the mind arises, where the two are experienced as one single process.  Duality of the self and the world is removed. The personal mind vanishes into the Universal Consciousness and spiritual enlightenment occurs as a person realizes that one’s own True Nature is identical with the Source and all of creation.

Not every meditation method will lead to this depth of spiritual realization. Why?  Because many meditation methods are mental exercises (like imagination, visualization, energy moving, etc) and keep a person’s experience limited to the mind and body.  Only by correctly meditating will a person reach genuine spiritual enlightenment.

How to Meditate?

In this instructional CD, I will teach you how to correctly begin a meditation practice.  Step-by-step you will be guided with clear instruction on sitting postures (yoga asanas), hand mudras, focus points, breathing, and attention.  Soothing music will help you to relax more deeply, while mindfulness meditation bells will keep your awareness alert.  Relaxing the mind while staying alert is one key to meditation.   Throughout the CD you will be given helpful advice that will guide the you to master the art and science of meditation.

When correctly understood and instructed, meditation is a very simple method that will quickly advance a person on the spiritual path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

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