Heavenly Sedona Healing Therapies

At Heavenly Sedona we offer a variety of focused healing therapies to help you realize more of your True Self. With over 20 years of professional experience in the healing arts, let us help you experience Heaven on Earth.

Here you may receive healings for the body such as acupuncture, structural bodywork, or just a relaxing massage.  Maybe you’re at a crossroads or want to gain clarity around life issues.  Perhaps you are healing from difficult experiences and need clear guidance.

We offer a variety of services to suit your needs ranging from healing therapies that address physical symptoms to deep, heart-centered guidance for spiritual matters.

Here at Heavenly Sedona, we view you as a whole person with a unique set of personal needs.  Integrity is important when choosing a practitioner.  We honor you as you are and believe in the innate healing power of each individual.  We offer our healing therapies as a catalyst on your personal healing journey, recognizing theinner healer that is within us all.

Many have benefited from the unique blend of spiritual healing therapies we offer at Heavenly Sedona.  It is our great joy to offer these heart-centered services for mind, body and soul.  Come in and let us know how we can assist you.

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Heavenly Sedona closed in June 2009 when we relocated to Downingtown, Pennsylvania to co-create a new healing center Inner Light Wellness.

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