From Fear to Love: Working with Fear’s Transformational Power CD

The new self-help CD from Lincoln Gergar will teach you how fear changes the energy of your chakras, emotions and mind. Fear first begins in the root chakra, where it challenges the trust we have in ourselves, in God and in life. When used correctly, this fear can motivate us increase our confidence and trust to become more empowered. Fear can motivate a person to do great things. However if our fear is not worked with properly, we experience increased insecurity, anxiety and doubt. How we work with the energy of fear determines how our root chakra, thoughts and emotions will change.

This 60-minute Higher Self CD / mp3 album will teach you:

1. How fear is first created within your mind and emotions.
2. How fear affects your thinking, feelings, perception and chakras.
3. How to transform fear into a powerful catalyst for positive change.

from-fear-to-love340This CD will examine how these changes occur and teach you how to best work with the challenging energy of fear. When used correctly our fear will motivate and inspire, empower and illuminate. When used incorrectly, fear will restrict and limit, cause distancing and withdrawal. The information and techniques in this CD will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to master you fear, transforming it into love. Every step of the way you will be guided by the Higher Self, supporting you with spiritual energy and wisdom.

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  1. Paul Campanella says:

    Hello Licoln,

    We coresponded many months ago. I’m the person who has had much confussion about the purpose of Christ’s sin sacrifice and the fact that inateley we are all made in the image of God so what’s the point???

    Anyway, at the time I informed you that I’d been a practisioner of ZaZen for many years but I’ve been stuck making no progress…just restless. You recommended the the OM tutorial of which I purchased.

    Well, I’m still stuck 🙁 do you have any recomendations for me? I theorectically comprehend the truth I’m just having trouble expressing anything more than stress and fear.

    Take care Lincoln~ Paul

  2. Lincoln says:

    Hi Paul. What is best is a personal Higher Self session where you will receive knowledge and energy specific to you. The OM meditation will bring a certain frequency of energy into your energy system that will help to purify your chakras. My own experience that more powerful than OM is the energy of Divine Love. Divine Love is experienced in the Spiritual Heart center, the deepest human energy center. Both the OM energy and the Divine Love energy will help, but Divine Love is more powerful and quicker to create change in my experience. Because the OM energy is more closely related to the third eye, brain, crown and mind, it may not be the best practice from a person who is already very mental in his/her approach to life and spirituality. Opening the Heart will help bring balance to a strong or active mind. You are free to work with whatever you feel guided to work with.

    In regards to your Jesus Christ question, I am not a Christian authority so my interpretation of the Bible will differ from others with formal training. Many of Christ’s teachings are allegories that teach spiritual truths. The story of Jesus on the cross can be interpreted to mean that when a person sacrifices his/her ego to the Source Consciousness, then the wrong doings of others no longer affect that person. Everything is experienced to be pure Love. The world is pure in the eyes of an awakened ego-less person. Judgement against others is replaced by Love, compassion and true wisdom. Jesus lived this example of purity and wisdom.

    The Kingdom of Heaven is within a person, in the Spiritual Heart. During awakening Heaven returns to Earth – meaning that Divine Love returns to every moment in the awakened person’s experience. The Kingdom of Heaven is already all around us and all within us, however only an awakened person can experience this at it’s depth. We all experience the qualities of Heaven to the degrees that we are awakened.

    In my own experience, the Biblical stories and teachings of Jesus share profound spiritual truths. Often we must look beyond the historical person to see the deeper hidden meanings. I recommend trying placing more attention on how Jesus lived and what he taught, as compared to what happened to him in human form.

    If you are interested in a personal session, please use the contact form on my website You will find instructions on this webpage. I wish you the best Paul. Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

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