Freedom to Forgive: Release the Burdens of Your Past with Love

In this self-help CD, be guided in exercises to change how you understand your past and to transform deeply stored emotions. We often carry regret, anger, and sadness carries your past with us. This limits our happiness and success, and prevents us from creating greater depth in our present relationships and life experiences. By performing the Higher Self-guided exercises in this CD, your past will no longer hold you back. Instead it will become a powerful catalyst for your personal growth.

With the Higher Self knowledge you can release the emotional burdens of your past, forgive yourself and others with Love, and move forward to create the life you have you have always dreamed of.

You have the power to change. You have the power to heal. Your past will no longer hold you back. Create the future your heart desires.

This CD / mp3 album contains a fully guided process for complete self-transformation.

  • Learn the 4 Principles for Forgiveness
  • Be guided in 3 exercises for Healing and Transformation
  • 60 minutes of Higher Self knowledge to empower you

To learn more about this self-help and personal transformation CD, visit the Higher Self Teachings website at: to purchase your CD or mp3 album

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