Connecting with Your Higher Self – Workshop – Amsterdam, June 22, 2013

Connect more deeply to your Higher Self in this 3 hour workshop – all given from the channeled Higher Self state.

We all have within us a greater consciousness, intelligence, power and Love.  Some spiritual traditions call it the Soul, Buddha Nature, God Consciousness, the Natural State, Superconsciousness, Enlightenment or the Authentic Self.  I call it the Higher Self.  It is the greater part of ourselves that exists as wisdom, Love and creative power.  We all exist as this greater consciousness, however few of us know how to awaken it and live as it.

In this workshop you will receive direct teachings to help you understand what the Higher Self is, and more importantly, instructions on how to directly reach this state of self-realization.

My entire life I have lived with a conscious connection to the Higher Self, using it as a child to increase my performance in many areas of life and to help others .  Since 2007, I have taught tens of thousands of people to strengthen their own Higher Self connection.  Now, in this workshop you will receive in-person assistance.   Receive guidance, learn methods, ask questions, and get answers.

Skype Participation Available

Participate online using a live Skype video chat room, please register. The cost and event times are the same. Skype participants will have the same opportunities to participate and ask questions as the in-person attendees. When registering for this event’s Skype participation, please tell me that you will be using Skype.

Connecting With Your Higher Self

Date: Saturday June 22, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm (13:00) to 4:00 pm (16:00)
Location: Vondelzaal room at Centrum de Roos, P.C. Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam
Price: € 50

Please register for this event at  Directions and event instructions will be emailed after registering.

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