Awaken Your Spiritual Heart: Your Doorway to God’s Love

The Spiritual Heart has always been the centerpiece of the Higher Self Teachings. Be guided in 4 Higher Self channeled meditations to awaken the deepest energy center within you – to directly experience the flow of Divine Love within your heart.

We all have an unbroken connection to God within yourselves. This CD will guide you to find it.

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Higher Self Channeled CD / mp3 Album

Your connection to God is within your heart. These guided meditations will help you to increase the love you have within yourself. Love is more than an emotional. It is an energy that nourishes and heals your body, emotions and mind.

This CD / mp3 album includes:

  • 20 minute teaching on the Spiritual Heart and the energy of love. Understand this most sacred center within you. Learn how to open your heart to increase the flow of blissful love in your life.
  • 50 minutes of guided meditations to awaken and increase the flow of love energy within you. Radiate divine love from your Spiritual Heart to bless, nourish and transform your body, emotions and mind.
  • 4 powerful meditations to improve your spiritual awareness and increase the happiness and love that you experience within yourself and in this world.


Your Spiritual Heart Center

The deepest and most sacred energy center within you is the Spiritual Heart. Nearly every spiritual tradition has taught that God’s presence is known in our hearts. By working with this center, you will create a fuller experience of God’s love and wisdom in your own life. You will experience a happiness that is the greatest you have ever known.

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  1. Claude says:

    It works!
    simple and powerful!
    thank you Lincoln

  2. Nicole says:

    Awaken Your Spiritual Heart – While listening to these teachings of love and wisdom from Lincoln, had the most colourful meditation that I ever had. You know that these words of wisdom are based in truth because of the love experienced during these meditations as well as the clearing of all chakras. Lincoln teaches where true love is and how to tap into this wonderful blissful energy that is yours and always has been and always will be.

    It has been experienced that the fastest route to reaching all that your are is through your heart, it lights and clears your path on your journey.

    Hope to become a lovetarian in the future – Smiles
    Nicole P

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