Meet Lincoln, Channel for Higher Self, in Los Angeles – Free Potluck Dinner

On Friday, June 7 starting at 7:00 pm, Lincoln will host a free potluck dinner in the Los Angeles, California suburb Tarzana. Open to anyone interested in meeting Lincoln and other spiritual-minded and Love-hearted people. Please register for the address and directions.

This is a low key, open hearted potluck dinner. Please bring a healthy dish of food to share with everyone. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. Pets are not allowed.

One of the many purposes for this dinner event is to meet many students of the Channel Higher Self teachings. Often during and after events little time is available for informal socializing. This dinner event will re-awaken those lost opportunities for spiritual discussions and just plain fun.

Meeting other people in the greater Los Angeles area who share similar spiritual interests and healthy lifestyles may spark new friendships.

facebook-event-2013-06-07Another purpose is to help “break the ice” the night before the Channel Higher Self event on June 8th: “The Empowerment of Your Spiritual Self Within This World”. By having the group of attendees meet prior to the event, energetic harmonies will already have been created when Saturday’s workshop begins. Saturday’s workshop will help us to bring more of our Spiritual Selves into this world – so setting up the energetics in a social setting is the perfect foundation!

Attending Saturday’s Higher Self workshop is not necessary. Attendance at the potluck is open to any good-hearted person.

Please register for this event using the contact form. I will reply by sending you the address of the location and directions.

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