Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self will be featured on Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP) 6/20/15

On Saturday June 20, 2015, Higher Self channel Lincoln Gergar will be the featured guest on Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP). Watch a live streaming interview as host Rick Archer opens your minds to the Higher Self path of awakening as experienced and taught by Lincoln Gergar. Learn about Lincoln’s own experiences of awakening. Learn why a Higher Self connection is so important to every spiritual student.

It has been many years since Lincoln has spoken about his own life and personal experience. This live streaming video interview offers you the opportunity to learn more about the man, the channel and the Higher Self that you have enjoyed these many years on Channel Higher Self.

I look forward to seeing you there. Blessings and Love always.

Saturday, June 20, 2015
8:00am Pacific Time / 11:00am Eastern Time USA
Visit and click on the “Click Here” Live Stream link.


  1. Cathy Clark says:

    Lincoln ~ your interview with Rick Archer on BATGAP was delightful. So heartfelt – of course .. what else ? 🙂
    Kind of you to share your story with so many of us that are relatively new to your purposeful work. Many blessings to you today and beyond !

  2. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Cathy for your kind words, appreciation and blessing. Please enjoy the entire collection of the Higher Self teachings.

    I have created a webpage that helps direct people new to my teachings: New to Higher Self Teachings? Start here. This webpage offers written explanations and videos.

    I wish you the best on your spiritual journey of awakening and creation. Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

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