Enter the “Heaven on Earth Zone” in Ireland – June 8-9, 2014

We have created Heaven on Earth for you this one-time weekend! Experience Heaven on Earth as we celebrate our divinity as one family of Light. Share in the energy of Europe’s top light workers and Lincoln Gergar, the world’s premiere channel for Higher Self Consciousness. Ask questions, get answers, immerse yourselves in automatic energy activations that will speed your ascension process of spiritual mastery. Here is a unique opportunity to experience your Higher Self in the spiritual energy fields creating Heaven on Earth in Wicklow, Ireland.

Higher Self European Tour 2014

Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self will be offering workshops in 4 European countries this June and July 2014. Participate in person or online via Skype. Visting: Dublin, Ireland; London, England; Dereham, England; Zurich, Switzerland; Stockholm, Sweden

Personal Higher Self Channeling

Lincoln will also be available for in-person personal channeling sessions and spiritual and/or health consultation during this trip. To schedule your session, message Lincoln using his website’s contact form.

 2014 Higher Self Europe Tour – June & July 2014

5 star location!
5 star food!
5 star consciousness!
5 star energy!
5 star activation!

Location: Glendalough House, Annamoe, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Register at http://www.higherselfteachings.com/events/

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