Channel Higher Self Summer Tour 2012 Announcement

Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self will be offering workshops in California during June 2012. Particpation is in person and online via Skype webcam group chat. Space is limited. To register visit the Higher Self Teachings website and click on Events in the main menu.

* * * SCHEDULE * * *

The dates and locations are as follows:

Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3 – Val Verde (near Los Angeles), California USA.

Thursday June 7 – Santa Cruz, California USA

Saturday June 9 – Oakland, California USA

Wednesday June 13 – Santa Cruz, California USA

Saturday June 16 – Oakland, California USA

As more events are confirmed, they will be posted at the Higher Self Teachings website and YouTube announcements will be made.

* * * REGISTRATION * * *

Space is limited so sign up early. Registration is now open.

Donations are required for participation. No amount has been set. Requested amounts are provided at the website registration form.

To register, visit


  1. Colin says:

    Wooo! Have fun on your tour lincoln.

  2. michael dunham says:

    Such a Blessing being at the workshop with you!!!
    thank you from all of my friends that went and myself…

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